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BioGreen Biozym are high-quality enzymes with promote wate products breakdown processes, and restores the soil structure. Biozym enzymes are specially developed for marijuana growing, and are high concentrated. Adding as additive Biozym will help plant to become healthier, and improves nutrient absortion. Biozym is suitable for soil, coco, and hydroponic systems.

Biozym BioGreenis an extremely important biocatalyst for plant waste.

Biozym is a high quality biotechnological product consisting of 24 important enzyme complexes. Also a number of important co-enzymes are added wich allow the enzyme activity to function more afficiently. The product has also been enriched with a number of vitamins and minerals that play a role in the transport of released nutritional elements, and strengthen the cell walls.

In horticulture enzymes carry out important work. Dead plant material can cause many problems. With the conversion of dead or residual plant material, the growth medium for many pathogenic bacteria and fungi is taken away. Many fungi and bacteria survive on dead plant material. The nutrients released by catalysation partly consists of nutrients that can directly be absorbed by plants. The other released substances, including sugars, are in turn an ideal nutrition for rhizobacteria.

Te resistance of the plant is increased considerably, and the root growth is stimulated. The decomposition of dead cells releases nutritive salts in a form that can be absorved directly by the plant. the released sugars stimulate bacterial life rapidly and efficiently, wich in turn produce enzymes with a catalysing effect across the whole rhizosphere.

Biozym is suitable for all types of growth media such as rockwool, granules, soil, perlite, PU mats, coconut mats, and so forth. the product can be added together with the plant nutrition.

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