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Black Pearl-900ML

Grotek's Black Pearl is a growing medium revitalizer that improves characteristics of the substrate. Black Pearl adds biochar, volcanic rock dust, low molecular weight humates and seaweed. These top quality elements help improving soil's structure acting as grow booster.

¿What's Black Pearl by Grotek?

Black Pearl is a substrate revitalizer that acts as growing medium structure lifter.

Black Pear is made up from a balanced blend of biochar, volcanic rock dust, low molecular weight humates and seaweed.

Adding Black Pearl to your soil you'll be upgrading your substrate with fresh and new nutrients. Macronutrients improve plant's growth, besides increasing root mass, what allows your plants to outperfom in terms of crop quality and yields.

It also contains seaweed and humates, that not only act in substrate sourcing nutrients, but also have an anti stress function, specially in drought seasons.

In addition contaisn high content of organic matter, thanks to biochar's vegetable carbon origin, what turns into a growing medium regenerator that longlasts.

Characteristics, dose and how to use this substrate conditioner

As we already explained, Black Pearl is a unique product based in sourcing activated carbon to growing medium.

One of the main characteristics of Black Pearl is that is a powder that must be mixed with substrate (it can be top dressed but it gets more consistent results when mixed in substrate before placing plants in).

This blend not only carries nutrients, but also improves water retention of growing medium, respecting biodiversity of substrate and helping microbial and beneficial bacteria life.

The fact that Black Pearl is not only biochar as it also brings in other compounds makes it a total revitalizer, that will make your plants step up their performance and develepe faster and more vigorous.

Guranteed analysis

  • Soluble Potash (K2O) 1%.
  • Calcium (Ca) 1%

Recommended dosages of Black Pearl soil revitalizer

Grotek recommends mixing 900 ml of Black Pearl per each 36 liters of growing medium.

SantYerbasi advises to slightly reduce these dosages to 900 ml per each 50 liters of substrate for optimal results that save costs to growers.

Black Pearl final reviews and its sale price

One of the advantages of giving out our review of the products we add to our catalogue is to express our complete opinion of it. Further more than standing as a shop where to buy some stuff, we are growers like you, so we also value those products that step up the game in our gardens.

In this case Black Pearl is a very unique product with high quality. Although it's true that it's been recently reformuled (this new formula is less rich in some nutrients compared with the previous one) this still is a unique additive that has few to none competitors in market.

You can find out biochar, seaweed, humates or volcanic rock dust in separate form but rarely you'll find them together, and even more rare to find them in a supreme balance like Grotek is selling with Black Pearl.

What can you expect from this growing medium upgrader? First, a balanced blend that improves structure and fertility of substrate, what turns into an increased plant developement. Not only you'll see how your plants grow stronger and more vigorous, but you will also notice how the final yields of your crop increase significantly.

In our opinion Black Pearl is a must use product to increase final yields, in addition to quality. No doubt a substrate improver that enriches to superior levels, and an essential element in your supersoil recipe. At SantYerbasi we aim you to test Black Pearl in a corner of your garden at least, to understand how you could have increased your yields if you used it in the whole garden.

Steping into its price of sale, Black Pearl is one of those products that are worth its weight in gold. Few elements get a notorious improvement, for as low price. We are talking about that less than 10€ can improve 50 liters of substrate (and only one application is needed). Our review is more than positive: A cheap product that gets high returns from your garden.

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