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Blimburn Seeds Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain is one of those strains every single grower should give a try in their gardens. Girl Scout Cookies has won many Cannabis Cups due to its outstanding taste, flavour and long-lasting mind and body effect. Girl Scout Cookies seeds produce female plants with a green, or purple depending on phenotypes, color that make her very distinctive in the yard. This strain has a quick flowering stage, being ready to harvest in 9-10 weeks.

Girl Scout Cookies has been one of the most claimed strains by american market. This genetics, originally bred by Cookie Fam group was obtained by Blimburn Seeds crew, and used to come out with the feminized version of these seeds.

Girl Scout Cookies is known by its great aroma and effect, besides its medium-low yields. These characteristics made its price in dispensaries rised to the expensivest strain ever paid by a cannabis user in the States.

Girl Scout Cookies seeds produce two main phenotypes: One known as Thin Mint Cookies (with a more sativa effect) and the other one like Platinum Cookies (with the classical indica effect). Both provide you with excellent crops, so may want to keep a motherplant from each. The taste is sweet, earthy, with a nice minty flavour, that reminds us the appreciated cookies.

Indoor grown she doesn't like high ppm on the nutrient solution, but with good maners she can yield up to 500 g/sqm, being ready to harvest in 65-70 days. Outdoors, growers will see the quality of their crops equals indoor grown weed, being the plants ready to harvest in Mid-Late September.

Girl Scout Cookies Blimburn Seeds

Sex: Feminized.

Genotype: Sativa.

Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies x Green Crack.

Flowering time: 65-70 days.

Harvest: Mid-Late September.

Yield: 500 g/sqm - 450 g/plant.

Taste: Sweet, earthy.

Aroma: Minty.

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