In this post we will talk about cannabis seeds recommended for outdoor growing. In Spain (thanks to our climate and sunlight hours) most of the seeds for sale can be grown outdoors, even there are some peculiarities that should be known depending on the area we live in. If you are thinking about growing outdoors this 2018, this post may help you decided which strain will work better in your area.

Cannabis seeds news for 2018

As it happens every year by this season, cannabis seedbanks usually release their new strains. This 2018 isn't different, and carries many news for the joy of growers, that will realize the different options available for their likes. The general trending by most of the seedbanks this year is to introduce CBD-rich strains, besides other new strains (most of them with an origin in United States).
In this article we will talk about cannabis seeds recommended for outdoor growing, so lets look further in latest news, and why we should give them a chance for this 2018 growing season.

Choosing cannabis seeds

When growers think about their future grow, one of the important aspects, if not the most, is think about personal likes (taste, aroma, effect...) as much as the use given to the crop (daily, sporadic, medicinal...). Knowing how to choose the strain that better fits your needings ias toker is a key point, as our satisfaction for the year next directly depends of it.
The first we should ask ourselves is what kind of taste we enjoy most (sweet, citrus, fruity, spicy...). After this, another aspect is the effect: Do we enjoy cannabis all day long, we enjoy it just at nights, or just for sporadic days? It is also interesting to think about the use we'll give from our crop: recreational or medicinal.
Following to other points, a good detail is the area the plants will be grown: If we live in a hot climate, humid, or cold. This is an important point, as it highly conditions the results we will get growing certain kind of strains in that area.

Cannabis seeds by taste

At SantYerbasi we worked hard to make the seed choosing as simple as it could be. To do so, we integrated in our site some attributes according to every strain characteristics, so users can filter results to discard those genetics that don't fit our requirements.
In case of taste attributes we can filter results by: Sweet, fruity, citrus, spicy, earthy or incensed.

Cannabis strains by effect

Same way as previous case, if we're looking for strains with certain effect, we can use this filter to find cannabis seeds with relaxing or euphoric effect.

Cannabis seeds classified by flowering period

Flowering period is a key point when choosing cannabis seeds. Understanding this aspect helps growers choosing which strain will do better in their area, and also helps growers to know when will the strain be ready to harvest. Notice this data is a more or less concept, as strains can slightly vary their harvest time depending on many factors. Even though what we can be sure of is that if a certain strain has a quicker flowering period will be ready to harvest earlier than one with longer flowering period.

New cannabis seeds for 2018

This year 2018 there are many new strains available, that added to the existing ones, give growers the possibility to choose hundreds of different strains. Thinking about outdoor growing, where yields per plant are usually high (so it is a characteristic we don't have to focus in), we will focus on those strains that give higher crop quality, no matter their final yields (what in some causes will match too).

gorilla girl cannabis seeds

Gorilla Girl: Gorilla Girl is one of the latest news from Sweet Seeds for this 2018. These seeds use a Gorilla Glue (a strain that has won pipularity in the States due its taste, aroma, yields and flower density). Its flowering period is short, and in most of the places will be ready to harvest at Early October.

purps dinafem cannabis seeds

Purps #1: Another new release for this 2018, in this case by Dinafem seedbank. Purps#1 seeds are a pleasure for growers, that will get dense flowers, coated with high amounts of resin, with a purple reflection, and a fruity taste unmistakable.

bubba kush cannabis seeds

Bubba Kush: Another strain (not for being new) that we would like to highlight for outdoor growing. Bubba Kush in our opinion is one of the plants with better taste and aroma from the kush family. In addition it delivers a powerful relaxing effect, ideal to help you sleep. A strain with sweet tones, fruity and earthy undertones that you should try at least once in your lifetime.

amnesia cannabis seeds

Amnesia: If there is a strain known, and demanded, in Europe this is this Amnesia. A genetic with a clear haze heritage, but in a quick flowering strain, that makes it a very interesting seed to grow outdoors for its quality, ease of growth, taste, aroma and yields.

blue dream cannabis seeds

Blue Dream: Another american strain worth to grow outdoors is this Blue Dream. A sativa dominant strain, but with a quick flowering period, that brings great yields, and can be grown in almost all areas and climates with high success possibilities.

banana split cannabis seeds

Banana Split: If its name has bewitched you, do not doubt its flowers won't do less. Probably the most sativa plant from the ones detailed in this list, but this does not remove quality, at all. A heavy yielder of buds, with a clear banana shake aroma, what makes it so special no matter if it's in flower format, or in resin extract (specially when producing water hash and grown organically).

Recommended medicinal cannabis seeds

If, as a grower, yo are looking for strains with medicinal value, with high CBD content, do not hesitate to choose one of the following strains, some of them with a THC:CBD ratio of 1:25. No doubt, if you look for medicinal benefit, no matter the effect (as most of these strains have non-to-low psicoactive effect), these are your best choices:

cbd dinamed cannabis seeds

Dinamed: We rank this strain first, because from the different genetics we've tried, the one that came out with best medicinal results is this Dinamed. In addition, being from Dinafem, the grower experience is almost guaranteed. Dinamed gets high CBD levels, together with almost nule THC levels, what derives in a fully medicinal effect, non-psicoactive (specially if you are a toker with high tolerance). Sweet and citrus aromas, with a fruity undertone.

cbd medikit cannabis seeds

Medikit CBD: Buddha Seeds also brings in this ranking with their Medikit CBD, for its high content of CBD, and low THC. This strain is suitable for outdoor growing as it quickly finishes its flowering period, so in most of the areas it will be ready to harvest at Early October. Interesting citrus taste.

sweet pure cbd cannabis seeds

Sweet Pure CBD: Sweet Seeds also introduced a new strain with high CBD and low THC this 2018. In this case the THC:CBD ratio is not as high as the previous two strains, but not negligible as it can be up to 1:20. The taste will be fruity and citrus.

Best autoflowering cannabis seeds for outdoor growing

Talking about outdoor growing we could not kick out the best autoflowering strains for ourdoor growing. The ease of growth, quick seed to harvest time, and also yields of these automatic strans makes them more popular every day, as they give you the possibility of getting a satisfying crop in about 3 months, no matter the season of the year (being their higher yields between when grown between May and July).

haze xxl cannabis seeds

Haze XXL Auto: In our opinion one of the best autoflowering strains we can grow. Haze XXL Auto guarantees large yields, with top shelf buds, and the most important: a rare sativa characteristic when talking about autoflowering seeds. The taste and aroma of this strain is clearly incensed, leaven an energetic effect.

green poison xl cannabis seeds

Green Poison XL Auto: Another autoflowering seed we like to highlight is this Green Poison XL Auto, due its quick flowering period (being ready to harvest in no much more than 2 months and a half from germination), with large yields, and good resistance against pests. This is a really easy to grow plant, that those unexperienced growers will enjoy.

magnum auto cannabis seeds

Magnum: It is true this strain has been in market for a long time now, but if you haven't tried yet, here is our recommendation, for being one of the first XL-sized autoflowering plants, with heavy yields, sweet taste and medium relaxing effect. It resists quite good in hot climates, and gives a good result in most areas.

bubba kush cannabis seeds

Bubba Kush Auto: We we rank this strain in this list it is not for its yields (notoriously lower than any other in the list) but the quality of its flowers. Bubba Kush Auto surprised all SantYerbasi crew for its taste and aroma, besides its resin production. The fruity taste with earthy tones common in kush strains, in an autoflowering plant that will not leave you indifferent.

High CBD Autoflowering seeds

In this listing we couldn't avoid adding autoflowering strains with high levels of CBD, as cannabis  medicinal users, don't have to give up on autoflowering seeds. There are some genetics available that fuse the power of cannabidiol, with the benefits of autoflowering seeds, that will be ready to harvest in three months, no matter the season of the year. Here we introduce you to the ones we think are the best options:

dinamed cbd auto cannabis seeds

Dinamed CBD Auto: One of the lastes releases by Dinafem, in this case available in autoflowering version, being ready to harvest in about 70 days from germination. If you are looking for a quick way of getting medicinal benefits from cannabis this is your plant!

honey peach auto cannabis seeds

Honey Peach Auto CBD: We like this strain. maybe its THC:CBD ratio is not as high as Dinamed CBD Auto's, but non less interesting. Overstanding taste and aroma, besides its yields, being ready in about 10 weeks depending on your daylight conditions.

limonet haze cannabis seeds

Llimonet Haze Auto CBD: We included this autoflowering seeds by Elite Seeds for its taste and aroma, more citrus, for those lovers of lemony aroma in their medicine. The effect is kinda relaxing, and she will be ready to harvest in 9-10 weeks from seed sproud.

Now we have listed our favourite cannabis seeds for this 2018 outdoor season, do not hesitate to mention your favourite strains. We like to hear your opinions!

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