We know that in nature there are complex processes carried out thanks to the work of all the elements and living beings. Microorganisms may be invisible but they contribute greatly to the survival of plants, allowing them to feed properly. We are going to tell you about a high quality product, which is the most advanced microorganism supplement on the market: the Great White Premium Mycorrhizae.

Great White Premium Mycorrhizae

Great White Premium Mycorrhizae

Description of Great White Premium

Great White Premium comes in powder form. It is made up of a multitude of varieties of microorganisms like mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria as well as trichoderma, which is a genus of fungi. More precisely it contains 14 species of fungi, 16 species of bacteria and 2 species of trichoderma. These microorganisms participate in an essential symbiosis so that the plant can feed itself properly. Indeed, the latter provides sugars to microorganisms through photosynthesis and they themselves will promote the assimilation of the minerals necessary for the smooth running of the plant cycle. You should know that the plant does not have access to all the nutrients in the soil, unless there has been intervention of mycorrhizae.

Benefits of using Great White Premium

By using Great White Premium, you replicate the natural pattern of a plant in nature. The combination of fungi, bacteria and trichoderma will first allow the explosive development of the roots.

Roots with Great White Premium

Roots with Great White Premium

They will be healthy and will thus accelerate the growth of the plant. As we explained, this symbiosis improves the absorption of water and nutrients and therefore makes optimal use of them. And the more root surface there is, the more the plant is able to eat in quantity! In addition, the plant is extremely strengthened and will be able to resist attacks from insects and diseases as well as the stress of repotting, where it will resume its development at breakneck speed.

How to use Great White Premium?

Germination: Great White can be used from germination. You can first coat the seed - preferably previously soaked in water for 24 hours - with powder, dusting off the excess. Before placing it in the pot, pour a little of the product into the bottom of the hole that will accommodate it. You can also immerse your rockwool cubes or Jiffy for 24 hours in 1 liter of water in which 0.75 g of Great White has been mixed, before placing your seeds or cuttings there.

Cuttings: When taking cuttings and after applying gel to the place of the cut, which can be Clonex or simply aloe vera, sprinkle this gel with Great White Premium powder and then plant your clone.

Transplanting: Later in the cycle and if repotting, put powder in the bottom of the new hole where the plant will be placed.

During the cycle: In hydroponics, the dosage is 5g for 38L of nutrient solution which you will repeat with each tank renewal. In substrate, soil or coconut, the proportion is 5g for 8L that you will have to apply every 2 or 3 weeks, until the moment of rinsing the roots.

Conclusion and opinion on the Great White Premium Mycorrhizae

There are endless testimonials from growers who have seen a drastic difference using Great White. With this magic powder, you are sure to produce vigorous, fast and healthy plants that will be ready for the highest yields. The main function of this product is to build a root system developed to its maximum, and we know that this is the basis of a successful harvest. Expect to produce record yields using Great White Premium thanks to the action of microorganisms which will create a hearty and healthy root mass.

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