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Lumatek Zeus 600W Pro 2.9 test

We had the chance to try the new Lumatek Zeus Pro Led 2.9 panel, the improved version of the already existing Zeus Pro. We are globally satisfied of their performance and have noticed a substantial improvement in LEDs efficiency nowadays. This is a preview of the use of this amazing equipment.

Zeus Lumatek Led Zeus Lumatek Led

You can buy Zeus Pro 2.9 600w in the Santyerbasi online store

Today’s LEDs update

Until now, and since LED panels appeared on the cannabis market, the most fervent ones were looking for more efficiency regarding what LEDs can offer with these following points: energy saving, heat drop, sustainability of the materials used,… Indeed, performance and quality criteria weren’t always achieved, most of the time because the light spectrum was incomplete. Now, we’re getting seriously closer to perfection in terms of efficiency, is it the end of HPS lights?

New Lumatek Zeus Pro 2.9 panels

Lumatek Zeus panels have shaken LED panels aesthetic, offering a better light cover and better overview of the canopy. We remember the arrival of electronic ballasts on the market, which Lumatek was one of the firsts to offer his version, that brought simplicity and security in light equipment connections, in contrast to magnetic ballasts where the grower has to do the connections himself.

Structure analysis of Lumatek Zeus Pro 2.9

Here, every part is removable and to assemble it is a child’s play. The panel is made of a

600W LED ballast that goes on a central frame support, connected by two LED frames in each side, one of them has female power cables. Those two frames are connected by 6 magnetic LED light bars of 100W, each one connects very intuitively. To carry the panel, Lumatek includes two very solid metal cable hangers and a dimmer, which looks like a small box that can adjust the panel power. This last item is an additional asset that Lumatek is one of the few to offer, giving even more flexibility.

Lumatek Zeus Pro 2.9 panel distance from the crop

The brand informs us of a standard minimum distance for our plants cycle, however this distance depends on the space you work with and can also adapts to some strains reactions. Let’s explain: with its dimensions of 1091x1182.4x51.9mm and thanks to its optimally spaced LED bars, it can intensely cover a 1,20x1,20m space and uniformly a square of 1,50x1,50m. Lumatek advises a 50cm minimum distance during the whole cycle, but our experience brings some shades.

For growing, you have two options: either you use a 100% power with a 80 to 100cm distance, or you can lower that power down to 50% as well as the panel down to 50cm. This last possibility suggests a power saving and a heat drop from the equipment as well.

During flowering and using a 100% power, it is advised to keep a 60-70cm distance the firsts weeks in 12/12, during the stretch, then the panel can be lowered to 50cm. Depending on the strain, it can even get closer to 20-30cm ! It’s your role to observe your plants reaction, when a LED panel is put too close, leaves from the top tend to curl up their sides toward the inside and the tops of flowers can lose their color. If you see any of these behaviours you have to get the panel back up step by step, until the plant regain its normal aspect. Thus you will know the limits of the strain you’re growing. Moreover, the power during flowering can also get lower in case of big heats, this is actually what the external controller sold separately can do (the Digital Panel Plus 2.0), automatically adjusting light intensity according to previously established temperatures. Like passing clouds, Lumatek Zeus Pro 2.9 can easily avoid loss of quality during summer crops.

As for the distance between the ceiling and the crop, a minimum of 5cm is recommended.

Maintenance of Lumatek Zeus Pro 2.9

Like we said, every part is separable and can be replaced in case of malfunction under the 5 years warranty offered by Lumatek. Beyond this warranty, you can still change the 100W LED light bars. During this renewal, the brand recommends to change at least three bars over the six to avoid imbalance. In addition to this, if you already had a Lumatek Zeus Pro Led panel and you wish to change for a Lumatek Zeus Pro 2.9, all you need to do is replace those LED bars, you don’t have to buy the entire equipment again !

To clean it, use a damp coton cloth in order to remove dust. Never add any abrasive product that could damage the equipment.

Advantages of this new Lumatek Zeus Pro 2.9 equipment

As a proof of the high efficiency of this new LED light Lumatek Zeus Pro 2.9, here are some of its most attractive features :

  • It offers a great cover for a space between 1,20x1,20m up to 1,50x1,50m. Its spaced light bars can cover all of your plants optimally.
  • The light is full spectrum and uniform, Lumileds and Osram diodes of white and red colors are used to be the most similar to natural light. Its PPF levels are 1770 µmol/s with a 2.9 µmol/s/J efficiency, which is very powerful.
  • Its flexibility makes it easier and more sustainable to use. In case of performance drop from your LED bars, you can individually replace them in a snap thanks to their magnetic connections. The brand also offers a 5 years warranty.
  • It has a Clear Glue protection allowing 99% light transmission, a diodes’ extended life and corrosion and water resistance (IP65: waterproof index).
  • We saw that the distance can be relatively short (between 20 to 100cm depending on the growing phase). It gives a solution for low ceilings spaces or heat problems.
  • Finally, this equipment is very versatile for its intensity can be adjusted through an included dimmer, which is a small scroll wheel directly connected to the Lumatek, or by adding the Digital Panel Plus 2.0 to your equipment to control several panels at the same time, setting the wanted temperature.

spectre Lumatek zeus

What is the Digital Panel Plus 2.0

Like we said earlier, every Lumatek Zeus Pro has an intensity dimmer, however in order to go further into climate control or if you want to set up a defined space data with several panels, you’ll have to add the Digital Panel Plus 2.0 to your light equipment. On the other hand, the brand informs that any control system using a 0-10V output signal can be used alongside these LED Lumatek. Regarding the Digital Panel, it goes with two sensors to be able to set up temperature and lighting time up to two different areas. For example, if the programmed temperature is exceeded, your LED panel will lower automatically and step by step the intensity until getting back to the wanted temperature. It also has a sunrise/sunset mode that softly lights up/turns off the LEDs. It can be an unstoppable ally for more professionalism and security !

To conclude, we really noticed a difference in our plants’ evolution, whether it be compared to 600W HPS lights or other LED panels that are cheaper but less efficient. Indeed, we made a leap towards flowers’ final quality, that have developed unnumbered shiny trichomes due to spectrum efficiency, heat drop or even a better cover and light penetration. It seems that with a 600W power we are getting closer to 1000W HPS lights’ performance. The taste and smell, that have a tendency to degrade under high temperatures, are perfectly preserved. The future is here !

In addition to Lumatek Zeus Pro 2.9 600W models we just described you, there also is the Lumatek Zeus Pro 1000W version for a wider cover if your space is bigger.

We hope we have raised your interest about this very promising LED light, you can find other related articles in these following links:

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6 thoughts on “Lumatek Zeus 600W Pro 2.9 test”

  • Hello, I have a question regarding the power of light. I switched the lumatek lamp to 75% power and my plants became drooping from above and I have a question, can the flowering process be performed at 50%? Is the efficiency of the lamps the same at less than 100% power?

    • hello, with less power the production will be less since it depends largely on the lumens that the plants receive. You can flower at any power but the result will be better with higher power.

  • Lumatek Zeus pro 2,9 October 29, 2022 at 12:24 am

    Dobrý den, je v hodné lumatek Zeus pro 2, 9 použít v pěstebním stanu?

  • hi im starting my first grow with these lights. is it possible to get a light hanging and intensity guide for the whole grow. From Veg to Flower?

    • Hello Kris if your plants are in vegetative is better more distance than in flowering, the intensity of the Led is so heavy and the plants will have all light they need. But if you are in flowering stage the minimum recommended distance is 50 cm. Even though our recommendation is to set it higher during the first weeks to 12/12 to avoid any possible burn if plants grow closer. You will have to move your lamp for the best production with out burn the plants.

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