Get red eyes smoking cannabis is very common so there is a widely used expression telling you got red eyes. This eye redness, very annoying for some, shows that cannabis is a dilator vessel, that increases blood pressure, so it commonly derives in an eye redness, that could tell others about our private habits.

Why my eyes get red when I smoke cannabis?

The main reason this happens is due one of cannabis main compounds: tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC. This compound reduces blood pressure, producing a blood vessel dilatation, besides and increase of blood circulation. So once you consume cannabis, blood will flow faster through your organism.

Blood pressure has a direct impact in eye-balls arteries, causing a direct answer in expanse way, what increases the blood flux inside. Therefore if you got red eyes is due to blood flux intesification.

Does it only happens when I smoke?

Many people think that only got red eyes when they consume cannabis smoked. This effect not only happens when we smoke cannabis, it happens no matter they way we consume (eat or within a cannabis vaporizer, if minimum consumption temperature is enough to activate THC.

Red eyes smoking cannabis

Why this can become a positive effect?

Cannabis tokers are usually worried about red eyes, because it betrays the substance consumption to others, even now this is being researched about the positive effect of it for people suffering from glaucoma.

Glaucoma is an illness caused by pressure inside eye-balls, that could derive in a permanent damage in ocular lobe, resulting in a total blindness.

Following these tests, cannabis has be scientifically proven as a solution to improve blood flux and intraocular pressure, mitigating glaucoma effects, therefore helping patience to live with it.

Following these studies, medical cannabis is the only effective medication against glaucoma, being tested and approved its use in many countries. These studies show a intraocular pressure decreasing of about 25% thanks to THC.

Glaucoma Cannabis

Reduce the red eyes effect

No doubt this effect, annoying for some, has an easy solution:
Probably the easiest one, and known for many, is the use of eye drops, being effective and fast.
Ophthalmologists also recommend eating products known for being vasoconstrictors like:

- Coffee (or products with caffeine).

- Chocolate.

- Salty foods (snacks or appetizers).

There are also more natural remedies that we can find in our fridge at home, like puting some cucumber slices on our eyes, or a damp wipe, for some minutes (this is no a scientific method but it became popular for its efficiency).

Tolerance is a grade

Is common that, after enlarged exposion to THC effects, these low down so we can deduce that tolerance to a substance reduce its effects, compared with first exposion to it. At the same time, everyone reacts different to these effects, so it is not sure that these effects will low as time, and tolerance, pass by.

Said this, if none of our purposes works for you, you can always use a pair of cool sunglasses! 😉

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