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Super Cropping Technique in marijuana growth

Giving an overview of advanced techniques applied to growing marijuana arrived at Super Cropping (Super harvest). Super Cropping is a method used by growers to control the height of your plants (generating a hormonal change that re-sends energy available fruits and lower branches) and increase the harvest.

The super cropping is a technique, causing stress on the plant, can increase crop production. This chapter will discuss how to apply the technique to our Super Cropping marijuana plants, along with advantages and disadvantages with which we can find.

What is the apical

Means comprising the apical tip of the main plant.

The power plants have and the main peak

Marijuana plants grow and branch out a large hierarchy respecting your main point. All hormones and plant cells will absorb, synthesize and cater the needs labeled according to the main point (that's where the biggest energy flow is sent to the plant dessarrolle its peak. Speaking of large hierarchy of the plant, must understand that the apical area is where to put all your efforts of the first magnitude, leaving leftovers for branches and side shoots .

Applying Super Cropping for marijuana plants

The technique is simple:

- Leave the plants grow to the desired size.

- Select the tip / -sa which to apply the technique.

- Referencing the tip , leaving a distance between 10 and 20 centimeters ( using the thumb and index finger ): Tighten the stem until you feel the fibers are broken and ( while pressing ) bend in the direction of the fold beyond 90 degrees.

Super cropping marihuana

If all went well, after 24 hours, we will see that the plant returns to lift the semi - bent tip ( showing signs of callus in the crease area past few days). resulted in crops, the grower should see an increase of between 10% and 20% of the production with a more uniform finish on Todal to plant.

Aplicar el Super Cropping

What is intended tendendica modifying the natural structure of the plant

When a grower alter the natural structure of the plant , they will know that reactions occur in it. The Super Cropping can be helpful to growers last height ( height limited room or enclosure) in addition to helping other farmers to improve production per plant, and the amount of resin. This hormonal change in the guidelines of the plant is used by hundreds of growers in all crops. Referrals as Soma Soma Seeds, have popularized this technique for maximizing crop indoors and outdoors.
Advice applying the technique of Super Cropping ( bending plants)

We talked about leaving a distance between tip and fold between 10 cm and 20 cm. Less than 10 cm is little tour to bend (generating little benefit when applied art) and more than 20 cm can become a problem for wanting to bend too thick or woody section.

In cases where the pantas overgrown and we are forced to bend more than 20 cm of stem may be convenient taping the stem to prevent possible embolisms ( drowning of the tip ) .

* The Super Cropping Technique, well applied, is extremely useful to increase production per plant indoors and outdoors. If we want to get the best results should not only bend the apical zone: The best Super Cropping is one that gets applied to match all points of the floor ( bending them all , some more than others ) and get the most out horizontally ( more coverage light ) with the same height.

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