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Watering system with Medusa drippers

In this article we will discuss semi-automatic watering systems using drippers and a water pump to ease the grower’s work when the growing room or the number of plants begins to become substantial. This saves energy but also time during which he can carefully observe his plants, and thus detect the slightest problem, while the water distributes itself.

Why use a sprinkler system with Medusa?

As the cultivator evolves, his space tends to expand as much as possible. Watering by hand therefore becomes more tiring but also more irregular. Indeed, how do you get all your plants to drink exactly the same amount? In a concern for rigor looking for a uniform culture, and in order to lighten the work of physical watering that is painful for the back, installing an automatic watering system with Medusa drippers can be a solution. During the time of watering, the grower can take the time to detect the slightest insect, the slightest deficiency or even the slightest failure of equipment in the growing room.

Equipment required for the installation of a Medusa system

Watering system Medusa Watering system with Medusa

One or more Medusa drippers: equipped with 12 drippers, they are supplied with small silicone caps to block the water outlets that are not in use.

rigid polyethylene irrigation Rigid polyethylene irrigation

Rigid polyethylene irrigation pipe Ø 25 mm: be careful not to use flexible garden watering pipes, which are often yellow. These are too wide because of their additional protective casing, choose the black pipe carefully.

Water pump Water pump


A water pump: the power is variable depending on the number of Medusa used.

sediment filter medusa Sediment filter medusa

A sediment filter (optional but recommended): it will make your system last over time by filtering residues and dust. For maintenance, simply unscrew it and take out the filter, which must be cleaned at least once a week.

tank system medusa Water Tank

One or more water tanks: these will be used to mix your nutrient solution and place the water pump in them.

A polyethylene cap and junction fittings if using a filter: the cap goes at the end of the sprinkler line and two fittings for each sediment filter are required, one on each side of the filter.

It goes without saying that you will need to use cultivation water tables to water in this way and to drain the water. Remember to raise them, with trestles or concrete blocks for example, to create a slight slope towards the drainage holes and to place buckets/basins below to collect the water discharged by the plants.

Setting up a Medusa sprinkler line

Necessary tools :

  • Cutter
  • Pliers
  • Torch/hot water

To proceed with the installation of a watering line with Medusa drippers, you will start from the end. Connect a piece of about twenty centimeters of pipe to the plug connector. Pass the ring and the seal around the pipe and push it well to the bottom of the cap, then tighten the latter firmly, using pliers if necessary. When buying the PE pipe, it is coiled and it is very important that your sprinkler line is straight in order to even out the water distribution. To straighten the pipe you can heat it using a small torch or by passing very hot water through it. Then insert the other end of the hose into one of the Medusa's inlets, push it well to the end (we insist on this point to avoid the hassle of leaks and to save you time, believe our experience!) then tighten firmly. Please note: the Medusas must also be straight to avoid imbalance! The unscrewable base must be down. Then proceed in the same way in the other entrance of the Medusa with a second piece of pipe. From there, either you place a second Medusa and so on, or you will place the sediment filter (if you decide to use one) and then a last piece of pipe to connect to the water pump during watering.

How do I water with a Medusa system?

Before you start, remember to check that your line is straight and that your drippers are well inserted in each Medusa on one side, and in each pot on the other. Then all you have to do is prepare your nutrient solution in a tank, immerse your water pump by connecting it to the inlet pipe of your garden line and then switch it on, checking that each dripper distributes the water well. The best method is to proceed gradually, by turning the water on and off at intervals of at least 1 minute, in order to give the plants time to properly assimilate the water provided and that the substrate moistens as evenly as possible. If you want to make your life even easier, you can connect a timer to the water pump.

Pros and cons of Medusa drippers

Of course, like everything in life, this type of watering also has disadvantages that we will see later. But remember that in addition to lightening and reducing the grower’s work time, this type of semi-automated watering also provides uniformity in the watering of the plants, each of which, if properly installed and maintained, will receive the same dose of fertilizer. The fertilization of your plants then becomes more professional and rigorous, your results will only be more optimal. Moreover, if the maintenance is not diligent and especially if you use organic fertilizers, the drippers can end up clogging, which will unbalance the watering of the plants, some of which will receive less or even sometimes no more water. In the event that it is impossible to unclog the dripper, you can always replace it individually. This imbalance can also be due to the fact that your line or your Medusa are not straight.

Maintaining a Medusa Sprinkler System

The irrigation system with Medusa drippers is suitable for all types of substrates (hydro, coco, soil). It doesn’t matter whether you use mineral or organic fertilizers, it is important to maintain a certain rigor in the maintenance of your irrigation system if you want to maintain its effectiveness.

First, clean the Medusa filters (as well as the sediment filter if you have one) at least once a week, or even after each watering. Leftover fertilizer can build up in the system and clog the drippers. Simply unscrew the lower part of the Medusa (without the drippers because this part also unscrews), take out the filter and then run it under clear water. For the sediment filter it's the same thing: unscrew the lower part and take out the filter in the form of a tube then pass it under water.

After each harvest you will need to clean the entire system. Here is one of the techniques:

- Use your choice of a special cleaning product for typical watering systems, diluted hydrochloric acid (remember to read the safety instructions for using this type of product), diluted bleach, hydrogen peroxide or simply white vinegar, although in the long term the latter is not the most effective.

- After emptying the growing space of your plants, leave your buckets and watering line in place on the water tables and remove any pieces of leaves or substrate that may be lying around. Fill a first tank of solution with the chosen product then connect your pump to proceed with "empty" watering. Take care to leave your drippers inside the water tables so as not to spill water on the ground.

- Scrub your water tables with a brush or sponge to loosen the residue, then do a second watering with clean water. You can always pour water directly into your tables to finish evacuating the residues and the product.

-Finally, all you have to do is soak your filters (Medusa and sediment) in a solution with the chosen cleaning product, then rinse them before putting them back in place.

Conclusion and opinion on Medusa drippers

Even if they are not the most developed drippers, these Medusa do their job if they are well maintained. They are perfect for getting started with automatic watering and moving towards more professionalism. Not to mention the physical relief! The only drawback that we see is the installation, which must be meticulous if you want to obtain the maximum efficiency from this way of watering your dear plants. Just one under-watering of one of your plants is already affecting your end result, so if you're going for it, take the time to check that your watering system is in good condition because it's worth the effort.

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