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Blue Dream Auto seeds by Humboldt Seed Organization are the automatic version from the well-known Blue Dream. this cross within Original Blue Dream and a selected rudelaris strain brings an autoflowering cannabis strain, that finishes its flowering time in 70-75 days from germination, with THC levels up to 13%, and a high yielding production, with buds loaded with resin. Blue Dream Auto is a mostly sativa autoflowering plant, with a fruity taste that will like to all those Blue strain lovers.


The increasing demand for autoflowering strains has forced all seedbanks to develope autoflowering strains within their non-autoflowering genetics. In this case Humboldt Seeds has developed the autoflowering version of Blue Dream, a known stain, mostly sativa, knwon by its relaxing effect, fruity taste and blue flavours.

Blue Dream Auto overstands in your garden by its purple colors in flowering stage. This genetics developes great both, indoors and outdoors, with very dense buds, coated with resin, with a very distinctive citrus smell. Outdoor grown Blue Dream Auto cannabis plants can reach 1,5 meter height in optimal conditions, with a powerful and longlasting effect, lucid, ideal to socialize. Sativa lovers will enjoy this auto!

The same way we do it with all autoflowering plants, we like to recommend not to transplant Blue Dream Auto marijuana plants. It's better to place them directly in the definitive pot and wait for her to succeed. Our tip is to place them in 11L-20L pot, using a soft substrate, or coco, and feed them with root stimulator until they show their first flowers. This way we'll get the biggest size possible before flowering stage, what derives in better and higher yields.

Humboldt Seed Organization Blue Dream Auto seeds

Sex: Feminized.

Genotype: Autoflowering (70% sativa - 30% indica).

Genetics: Blue Dream x Rudelaris.

Harvest: 70-75 days from germination.

Yield: 30-90 grams per plant.

Taste: Citrus and fruity.

Effect: Relaxing.

THC: 13%.

CBD: 0,1%.

Height: 1-1,5 metros.

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