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Humboldt Seeds is one of cannabis seedbanks that invested more efforts developing new marijuana strains to source market. Today, the higher demand of high CBD strains, has put them to work in new hybrids with high cannabidiol levels, to solve chronic pain of medical users. One of their first releases are these Blue Dream CBD seeds.

Blue Dream is a well-known cannabis strain due to its sativa heritage, and sweet taste, that usually gets sold out in american dispensaries.. To the recent appearance of Blue Dream Auto, Humboldt Seeds adds these Blue Dream CBD.

Developing this strain, Humboldt Seed Organization breeders focussed in getting a strain that keeps best characteristics from the original Blue Dream, together with high CBD levels to get an even better medicinal flowers.

Blue Dream CBD cannabis seeds develope quickly, with a fast and vigorous growth, and an impressive root system. The structure of plants presents thin leaves, with large internodal space (what improves light penetration).

Blue Dream CBD cannabis plants finish their flowering time in 9 weeks, with branches stacking large buds, covered in resin, that acquire a purple tone if night temperatures are low enough.

In mouth, Blue Dream CBD overstands by being a complex blend of sweet, fruity, citrus and pepper taste, with a mdoerate effect (not too much psicoactive), typical from high CBD strains. This plant is ideal for those tokers who don't have much tolerance to cannabis, due this genetics will allow them to continue with their daily journey. Besides this, thanks to CBD benefits, this is a perfect strain to solve pain, no matter the format: flowers or extracts.

Blue Dream CBD Humboldt Seeds

Sex: Feminized.

Genotype: 65% sativa - 35% indica.

Genetics: Blue Dream x Macho CBD.

Flowering time: 63-70 days.

Harvest: Mid. October.

Yield: 400-600 g/m2 - 2-3 Kg/plant

Medicinal: Yes.

Ratio THC:CBD: 1:1

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