Blue Sunset Sherbert

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Once again the Dutch seed bank Barney's farm surprises us with a new hybrid called Blue Sunset Sherbert, of high quality, great production, compact buds, easy to grow for inexperienced, and for experts a great opportunity to enjoy the skills learned from years of experience.

Genetics Blue Sunset Sherbert.

Blue Sunset Sherbert is a hybrid with 65% Indica genetics, with an exceptional lineage made up of 2 incredible variants Purple Punch and Sherbert Dib Dab, which ensures levels of up to 28% THC, far exceeding the average of other hybrids. . These 2 cannabis queens also provide a collection of terpenes such as Limonene, Humulene and terpinolene, enhancing the flavor and aroma.

Morphology of the Blue Sunset Sherbert.

Outdoors this cannabis plant can impress by the great height it reaches, about 2 meters that in the last stage of flowering becomes a thick set of leaves and giant buds in the form of heavy batons, so much so that they can bend its consistent branches. Purple colors combined with shades of orange, whitish buds and with small crystalline glosses, very typical of mature pistils and desired resins. Up to 1 kg or more harvested per plant outdoors, and don't worry, her medium-high yields indoors, between 650 and 700gr x m2, won't disappoint either. For the impatient, in a record time of between 57 and 60 days, delicious large fruits can be harvested.

Flavor and aroma of the Blue Sunset Sherbert.

Sugary notes reminiscent of citrus fruits with sweet hints of candy. Perfect hybrid for sweet tooth palates wanting to satisfy their sweet addiction. The variety of terpenes mentioned above are the real culprits for these intense flavors and aromas of berries and lemon essence.

Blue Sunset Sherbert Effect.

Its powerful effect, inherited from its sativa lineage, provides euphoria merging immediately in the long term, with a body relaxation very common in 100% indica varieties. Ideal to enjoy in the last hours of the day to end up enjoying a restful night that will make you forget a long and hard day.

Characteristics of the Blue Sunsret Sherbert variant.

Sex: Feminized.

Genotype: 65% indica - 35% sativa.

Genetics: Sunset Sherbet x Purple Punch.

Flowering: 59-63 days.

Harvest: Early October.

Production: 650-700 gr/m² - Exterior: 1000x2000 gr.

Inside height: 80-90cm.

Outside height: 150-200cm.

Flavor: Caramel, sweet, citrus.

Aroma: Sweet caramel, citrus peel and sweet berries.

Effect: Relaxed, euphoric, creative happiness.
THC: 28%.

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