Bolt digital dimmable Ballasts

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Bolt digital dimmable Ballasts-400w
Bolt digital dimmable Ballasts-600w
Increased efficiency of light. Low power consumption. Regulation: -50% and -75%.
  • Pure Light software ignition
  • Intelligent Software circuit protection
  • Soft Start Technology
  • Automatic adjustment of the frequency
  • Detection of hot lamp
  • Ventilation system without internal fans
  • Completely silent operation
  • High quality housing waterproof
  • High energy efficiency
  • compact design

Bolt ® is a digital ballast, for horticultural, with driven software design which offers customers more selective performance and versatility in every single lighting system.

Technical specifications 400w:

Voltage: 220Vac
Amp.: 1.91A
Real Power: 420W
Measurements: 246x123x86cm
Potentiometer options: SC-400w-75%-50%

Technical specifications 600w:

Voltage: 220Vac
Amp.: 2.86A
Real Power: 630W
Measurements: 320x123x86cm
Potentiometer options: SC-600w-75% -50%

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