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Biotabs Boom Boom Spray is an organic biobooster that contains amino-acids, peptides, glucides and minerals. Boom Boom Spray has three main features: It feeds plants with nitrogen, improves yields, and acts as anti-stress effect. BoomBoomSpray is a biological booster that can be used in mother-plants, cuttings, and stressed plants.

Boom Boom Spray by Biotabs has a triple function in plants:

Anti-stress effect: Helps plants overcome stress caused by extreme cold, extreme heat, low light levels, dehydration, or graught.

Nutritional effect: Gives the plant a nitrogen boost to get a shiny, dark green leaves, during the early stages of growth. This increases the photosynthetic capacity of plants.

Booster effect: Improves yields, plants¡'s growth and nutrient uptake.

Biotabs Boom Boom Spray can be used for indoor and outdoor growing, in mother-plants, changing pots, and to solve stress issues.

It is very important to not overdose. Boom Boom Spray is absorbed quickly by leaves, and starts its effect after only 2 hours.

Boom Boom Spray can be used in combination with all fertilizing brands.

The mix containing Boom Boom Spray should be used within 6 hours from mixing.

Boom Boom Spray characteristics

Organic: Yes.

How to use: Foliar spray.

Dose: 5 ml per liter of water.

Composition: 45% organic matter, 5% organic nitrogen, 30% petides and plant amino acids, glucides 10%.

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