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B'cuzz Booster Hydro is a complex formuled with beneficial bacteria that improve bacterian life in hydroponic systems, in which there is a total lack of substrate. Booster Hydro Universal by Atami improves plant's adaptation to growing medium, and increases the root mass, deriving in plants with larger size, able to produce higher yields.

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When growing hydroponics, in a total lack of substrate, it is a must to pay special attention to plant's developement. Atami Hydro Booster brings in beneficial bacteria and micro organisms, that boost life in, improving plant's adaptation, increassing the root mass and nutrient uptake.

Booster Hydro also contains essential micro nutrients in chelated form (what makes them quickly available for plant uptake) deriving in a great formula to solve any nutrient defficiency that may appear during vegetative stage.

B'cuzz Booster Hydro is a highly concentrated growth stimulator that increases root formation, what derives in healthier plants, with an increased capacity to uptake nutrients given, turning it to a larger yield.

Booster Hydro should be added to your water reservoir during vegetative stage of plants, and until the seond week of flowering.

B'cuzz Booster Hydro

Type: Beneficial bacteria and micro nutrients.

For: Increase root mass, nutrient uptake and reducing stress.

Use: During the whole vegetative stage until second week to 12/12.

Dose: 0,5-1 ml/L.

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