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Growers Choice introduces Braindamage, the strain with highest THC levels from their seed catalogue. Brandamage is a crossing White Siberian x Ice, with a flowering period of 8 weeks, being possible to get yields up to 650 g/m2 indoors, under a 600w HPS, and up to 1 kg/plant outdoors if you grow her in-ground.

Genetics of Brain Damage Strain

Braindamage originates from the crossbreeding of White Siberian x Ice, resulting in a hybrid (50% indica - 50% sativa) with indica dominance. Braindamage flowers in 8 weeks indoors, showcasing what a member of the White family should be in terms of aroma, flavor, production, potency, and effect.

Feminized Brain Damage Seeds

Growers Choice's Brain Damage seeds are feminized and exclusively produce female plants. This allows cultivators to avoid the hassle of caring for plants with uncertain gender, focusing only on those destined for a fruitful harvest.

If you're considering cultivating seeds of unknown origin, think about the benefits of feminized seeds like Brain Damage, as they can save you money on substrate, fertilizers, space, and, most importantly, time.

The plant structure is clearly indica, with plants growing similar to White Widow, compact and bushy. It's worth noting its limited stretch (internodal stretching) when induced into flowering. This knowledge is crucial to prevent your plants from staying too small due to premature flowering.

Indoors, the plants usually don't exceed 1 meter in height, while outdoors, when planted in the ground, they can form large bushes up to 3 meters tall, with abundant lateral branching.

Brain Damage by Growers Choice in Growth

Brain Damage, a strain that evokes the experience of cultivating White Widow, presents compact yet bushy plants with excellent lateral branching, typical of a dominant indica. Its compact structure, large leaves, and short flowering period define it as a dominant indica, with a generous flower yield.

After germination, BrainDamage gradually develops over 10-15 days before experiencing rapid lateral and vertical growth. Indoors, during the vegetative phase, it forms numerous nodes with a short internodal distance.

Outdoors, especially when cultivated in soil with prepared substrate and germinated in mid-April, it can reach significant dimensions. Its indica dominance keeps it in the growth phase until late July, when it begins to form floral clusters.

Thanks to its good branching and compact stature, it is ideal for SOG and SCROG cultivation, where lateral branching quickly fills the mesh. Although it tolerates FIM pruning, its natural bushy structure and short internodal space make apical pruning unnecessary. BrainDamage stands out as a versatile strain adaptable to various cultivation methods.

Flowering of Brain Damage Indoors and Outdoors

Braindamage offers a rapid flowering period of 8 weeks, making it an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Indoors, it easily adapts to the change in photoperiod, beginning to flower a week after reducing the light hours to 12/12. Its bushy structure suggests obtaining well-sized plants before the transition.

During flowering, it reaches a high speed, developing light green buds with abundant resin in 8 weeks.

Outdoors, it shows resistance to pests, winds, and rains, ready to harvest by late September. Despite not changing color with temperature drops, it stands out for significant resin production. Considered an easy strain for novice cultivators, it ensures good yields with basic knowledge, although reaching advanced levels will require experience and precise application of techniques.

High Flower Production

Brain Damage stands out for its high bud production both indoors and outdoors. It is a strain that delivers excellent results even for novice cultivators, with higher yields reserved for those who perfect their technique. Its compact and branched structure adapts well to SOG and SCROG cultivation, although the latter may require a longer vegetative period.

Production in both methods is similar, allowing choice according to preferences. Indoors, under a 600w HPS light, it reaches 650 g/m2, while outdoors, in soil, it can exceed 1 kg/plant. Ideal for novice cultivators, its rapid flowering facilitates maintaining healthy plants until harvest, making it an optimal choice for the first cultivation, especially compared to sativa genetics with longer flowering times.

Taste and Effect of Brain Damage Marijuana

The aroma of braindamage acquires sweet scents in the last two weeks of flowering, a mix of spices and sweet notes. The flavor is spicy, as expected from any variety of the White family.

We recommend harvesting when you observe that the trichomes are amber-brown and not before. The improvement in the flavor and aroma of the flowers is worth those waiting days.

With THC levels of 30%, you can expect nothing less than a potent, hard-hitting, and relaxing effect. It delivers a heavy, long-lasting body effect.

If you're going to smoke Braindamage, make sure you don't have anything else to do for the rest of the day.

Cultivation Tips for Brain Damage

  • To maximize Brain Damage production, we recommend cultivating it in SOG with 16 plants in 7L pots, ready to transition to flowering after 4 weeks of growth at 12/12.
  • Alternatively, SCROG cultivation with 4 plants in 20-liter pots is viable, but it extends the vegetative period to 8 weeks before flowering.
  • Due to its natural bushy structure, it does not require apical pruning, but it is crucial to remove lower branches after 10-15 days at 12/12 to efficiently redirect energy to the upper part of the plant.
  • We discourage the use of the LST technique due to its compact structure.
  • Mainlining is a valid option outdoors, as this strain responds well to this advanced technique.


  • Sex: Feminized.
  • Genotype: 50% indica - 50% sativa.
  • Genetics: White Siberian x Ice.
  • Flowering: 8 weeks.
  • Harvest: Late September.
  • Production: 650 g/m2 - 1 kg/plant.
  • Effect: Potent and relaxing.
  • Flavor: Spicy.
  • Aroma: Sweet.
  • THC: 30%.
  • CBD: Medium.

Final Thoughts on Braindamage and Its Price

  • Braindamage is a cannabis strain that delivers a potent effect and rapid flowering, standing out as one of the most powerful. Although its compact size may slow down cultivation, it easily adapts and forgives mistakes, making it an easy-to-grow plant.
  • Indoors, its compact structure facilitates obtaining good yields due to the amount of light it receives.
  • Outdoors, its structure promotes discretion and prevents breakage from winds or rain.
  • The price of Braindamage seeds is attractive, with a package of 5 feminized seeds for €30, and a limited offer of 5+2 that reduces the cost per seed to just over €4.

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