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Braindamage-5 seeds

Growers Choice introduces Braindamage, the strain with highest THC levels from their seed catalogue. Brandamage is a crossing White Siberian x Ice, with a flowering period of 8 weeks, being possible to get yields up to 650 g/m2 indoors, under a 600w HPS, and up to 1 kg/plant outdoors if you grow her in-ground.

Genetics of Braindamage strain

Braindamage is born from a crossing White SIberian x Ice, coming out in a hybrid (50% indica - 50% sativa) but indica dominant. Braindamage finish its flowering period in 8 weeks indoors, showing growers what an individual of the White family should be in terms of aroma, taste, yields, strength and effect.

Brain Damage feminized seeds

Brain Damage seeds by Growers Choice are feminized and only produce female plants. Thanks to this characteristic, as a grower you can avoid taking care of plants you don't really know if will be male or female, focussing only in those that will source you with a good crop.

If you are planing to grow seeds form unknown origin think about the benefits of feminized seeds like Brain Damage, as they can save you money, substrate, nutrients, space and the most important thing: Time.

The structure of plants is clearly indica, with plants that grow like White Widow, compact and bushy. A detail you must know is its little to non stretch when flipped to bloom stage. It is important to know it so your plants don't stay too small due an early change to flowering period.

Indoors plants don't usually grow taller than 1 meter, while outdoors, when she is grown in-ground, plants can grow like a big bushy plant up to 3 meters tall, with many side-branches.

Growers Choice BrainDamage in vegetative stage

If you have ever grown White Widow in the past, BrainDamage will transport you to that grew operation, with compact-sized plants but bushy, with very good side-branching. BrainDamage accomplish with the definition fo indica dominant for its compact structure, big and wide leaves, and a quick flowering period besides heavy yields.

Once BrainDamage seeds germination stage has passed, you will notice how the plants develope slowly for 10-15 days, before launching off its side-growth, and also increasing its height.

During vegetative stage of plats indoors you will see how BrainDamage developes many nodes, with a really short internodal space.

Outdoors it canr each huge sizes if grown in-ground (specially if you prepare the growing medium, and germinate the seeds by mid. April). Being an indica dominant genetics, BrainDamage will grow until late July, moment in which plants will start the flowering period forming the first floral spots.

Thanks to its good side-branching and compact size, this is a strain that does good in SOG, and also in SCROG in which side-branches will help filling the trellis so quick.

This genetics tolerates FIM-type prunings, but does not need'em, as its natural bushy structure promotes side-branching. This natural trend, together with the fact of a very short internodal space make totally unnecesary to prune its tops.

Flowering Braindamage indoors and outdoors

The flowering period of Braindamage is only 8 weeks. This quick flowering time, with very high yields, makes from this lady a perfect choice for indoor and outdoor growing.

Indoors she shows its indica side adapting so quick to the changes in photoperiod, as Braindamage will start flowering only 1 week after reducing light hours to 12/12. During this adapting week plant will not stretch much, keeping the bushy structure, so it is recommended to get good-sized plants before turning them to bloom stage.

Once she starts to flower, Braindamge acquires a high cruising speed , that gets her to form, fill and finish its flowers in a very short period of time. As we already said, she will be ready to harvest in 8 weeks, with light green buds, and an unseen amount of resin compared with most of the strains in market.

Something to highlight is that this strain does not react to low temps turning to purple, but doing so you will increase even more its resin production.

Outdoors this is a highly pest resistant strain, also to hard winds and even rains, so you can grow her almost everywhere, even in some enviroments with high humidities, or with rains by late summer. The quick flowering period of Braindamage will make her ready to harvest by late September.

We do consider Braindamage a strain easy to grow, good for less experienced growers as they will get good yields with low skills. At the same time it is easy to get average yields, if you want to acchieve its best performance you will need to use all your experience and skills to get the best from her.

Braindamage tolerates prunings, nutrients, heat, cold and even drought, so it is really difficult to don't get good results growing her.

Yields of Brain Damage cannabis plants

The yields of Brain Damage are high indoors and outdoors. Not only this, this genetics are able to ready to source with heavy yields even those growers with less experience, reserving that extra punch in yields only to those who made a perfect job along the whole growth cycle. In these cases, in which everything goes fine and plants get that extra yields, results can become extremely good.

Due its compact structure, and very side-branched this is a strain that does good in SOG-type and SCROG-type of garden, although in these ones the must of keeping her in vegetative stage for some weeks more is a mid. penalty (enlarging the total growth cycle some weeks). The yields in both cases are good and probably similar so if you don't care about those extra weeks of vegetative stage, you can grow her using the growing method that better fits your likes and preferences.

Indoors Brain Damage is able to deliver yields up to 650 g/m2 under a 600w HPS, while outdoors the yields when grown in-ground can reach 1 kg/plant or even more.

In our opinion this is a plant to easily get optimal results so a good option for your first grow. Its quick flowering period, in addition, makes easier to arriva to the late stages of bloom with plants looking good (something harder when growing more sativa dominant genetics with longer flowering periods)

Taste and smell of Braindamage weed

Braindamage aroma acquires sweet tones the last two weeks of blooming stage, being a blend between spicy and sweet. The taste is spicy, as you would expect from any strain of the White family.

We recommend you to harvest Braindamage only when its trichomes are amber and not before. The improve in taste and smell of flowers deserves those extra days needed.

Effect of Brain Damage buds

With a 30% THC levels you can expect nothing but a powerful strong couch-locking effect. This is a heavy and longlasting buzz for body.

If you plan to smoke Braindamage be sure your agenda is free from compromises.

Tips to grow Brain Damage

If you are after getting the best yields possible form the Brain Damage, our advise is to grow her in SOG, with 16 plants in 7L pots. With this garden set up it would be normal to have plants ready to begin bloom stage after 4 weeks of growth.

If you prefer SCROG style, 4 plants in 20 liter pots will be enough, well and obviously enlarging the vegetative period 4 weeks more (8 in total) before flipping plants to flowering phase.

This strain has a natural bushy structure so it is not needed to prune tops to enhance side-branching.

What it really is important is that after 10-15 days to 12/12 you must remove those low branches that consume resources from the plant. Cleaning these branches plant will redirect its energy flux to the tops where it will be used in a more efficient way.

We highly encourage you to don't apply LST technique to this strain, it would not be a benefit for it due its structure.

A technique that can be used outdoors, and that probably will give many joys to growers is Mainlining. Due its structure, we believe this strain will answer to Main Lining in a very positive way. If you still don't know anything about this advanced technique check out our blog where we explain it.

Characteristics of Braindamage seeds

Sex: Feminized.

Genotype: 50% indica - 50% sativa.

Genetics: White Siberian x Ice.

Flowering period: 8 weeks.

Harvest: Late September.

Yields: 650 g/m2 - 1 kg/plant.

Effect: Powerful and couch-locking.

Taste: Spicy.

Aroma: Sweet.

THC: 30%.

CBD: Medium.

Braindamage final reviews and price

No doubt if you are one of those cannabis tokers who prefer a strong effect, and also like quick flowering plants, you should give Braindamage a try. This is one of the strongest strains we have ever smoked (and promise you we have tried many).

About the plant itself, our opinion is that it is a plant easy to grow, that quite forgives errors, and you only have to adapt to its structure to get best performance form her. Maybe the only aspect against her is that its compact size slightly slows the cycle until you get the plant's size needed for a prosper bloom. Nothing impossible, but it simply takes 7-10 days more of vegetative stage.

On the other hand, and also due its compact size, it is so easy to get good yields indoors as the whole plant will percieve high intensity of light.

Outdoors its natural structure it is also beneficiary, not only to avoid any brakes due wind or rain, it also is discreet to curious neighbour.

If we talk about price of Braindamage seeds, lets be clear: Nowadays, a 5-seeds feminized seedpack for 30€ (6€ per seed) it really seems cheap for us. If you add the limited offer existing of 5+2 (in which every 5-seed seedpack includes 2 extra seeds for free(, the cost per seeds reduces to almost 4€.

If you choose Braindamage you'll find strength, quickness... And one of the cheapest price per seed in market. Lets go for it!

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