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The Kannabia seed bank has always known how to keep abreast of the strains that are surfacing on the cannabis market. This is once again the case with this Break-up Cake. In addition to following trends, they humorously offer a twisted version of Wedding Cake using the same crossbreed. There was the wedding cake, now there's the breakup one, and what better way to recover from a broken heart than with a good treat?

Genetics of the Break-up Cake strain

Here is before your amazed eyes the version of the famous Wedding Cake proposed by Kannabia, who renamed his crossing Break-up Cake. Life's bad times get their celebration cake, too! And this famous cross brings nothing but great comfort. To create this heart bandage, Kannabia crossed its very own Girl Scout Cookies, offering its signature cookie taste, with a Cherry Pie that brings a fruity kick to the mix.

Growth of Break-up Cake indoors and outdoors

By germinating Break-up Cake seeds, you are sure to end up with resistant plants that are adapted to all types of substrates and growing techniques. Indeed, Kannabia has the reputation of creating crosses capable of withstanding humidity or high heat, for example. This 70% indica hybrid develops a bushy, highly branched structure that will provide you with a hefty harvest with no problem. Indoors it adapts to low ceilings and outdoors it remains discreet since its growth is rather horizontal and its stretch is limited. It supports both guerrilla and pot cultivation and is also suitable for any geographical area, whether arid or cold regions.
Its dark green foliage comes from the Cherry Pie and its multitude of branches can be supported and oriented with a net using the SCROG technique. This will allow the lowest buds to take better advantage of the light and therefore develop more optimally.

Blooming Break-up Cake seeds

Break-up Cake plants develop four or five tops at the same height due to their indica dominance. The crossing of two cannabis heavyweights can only give a production capable of claiming the best cannabis cuts, with flowers with purple tones, very compact and above all very resinous. This asset will allow you to extract its many shiny trichomes in rosin or ice-o-lator for example.
The SCROG technique will allow you to support the weight of the buds, outdoors you will have to think about staking if you want to preserve the two kilos that it is able to produce per plant. Even as a beginner, the results will be satisfactory due to its great ease of cultivation. When changing the lighting time indoors it takes about 60 days until harvest, and it will take place at the end of September-beginning of October outdoors.

Production of Break-up Cake plants

Without too much difficulty, Break up Cake easily reaches 600g/m² indoors. With SCROG or by growing in hydroponics, you increase your chances of achieving this goal. As we mentioned, in outdoor cultivation it can yield up to 2 kilos per plant when it is in the ground, which you can harvest no later than the beginning of October. In addition to the fact that it uses two flagship varieties of recent years, it is therefore very productive, which makes it a complete hybrid that will appeal to the greatest number.

Flavor and aroma of Kannabia Break-up Cake

The taste and smell of Break-up Cake is complex, imagine the freshness of a creamy vanilla cake mixed with berries and cherries. It didn’t take less to characterize the power of a heartbreak in a celebration cake. It is therefore an air of freedom and revenge that blows on this variety which will be anchored in the evolution of the Kannabia seed bank and varieties in general, in a permanent way.

Effect of Marijuana Break-up Cake

While the Break-up Cake provides intense relaxation for the body, which hard workers and athletes will appreciate, it also doesn’t weigh on the head and leaves the field free for imagination and creation. After an endless day of hard work, the consumer who wants to release physical tension without turning off his brain will find in the Break-up Cake the ideal daily companion. The effect of this variety is therefore moderate and balanced, which is suitable for the majority of people when choosing a genetic, especially when its consumption is mainly recreational.

Tips for Growing the Break-up Cake Strain

Whether in hydroponics, soil or coconut, the Break-up Cake isn’t subject to any particular difficulty. Its structure with multiple branches lends itself perfectly to the SCROG technique, where it is a question of using a net to spread the branches and then prevent the buds from collapsing at the end of flowering. To do this, you will need to place this net at the end of growth, if possible before the stretch that occurs when switching to 12 hours of light. During this period of one to two weeks before the first flower buds appear, the branches will continue to stretch, so you will need to guide them by ensuring that only one top is in each of the squares. This will allow you to standardize the canopy and let the light reach the lowest flowers which will develop to the maximum and will be as qualitative as those higher up on the plant.

Characteristics of Break-up Cake seeds

Gender: Feminized.

Genotype: 70% indica dominance.

Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Pie.

Flowering: About 60 days.

Harvest: September-October outdoors.

Indoor production: 600g/m2.

Outdoor production: 800g/plant.

Indoor height: 100-150cm.

Height outdoors: Up to 2 meters.

Flavor: Vanilla, creamy, earthy.

Aroma: Fresh, lemony, cherry.

Effect: Creative stimulation, deep body relaxation.

THC: 21%.

Kannabia Bank Break-up Cake Reviews

In recent years we have all heard of or had the chance to taste the famous Wedding Cake, a star strain born in the United States. Kannabia breeders decided to cross-breed GSC with Cherry Pie, resulting in a distant cousin they ironically named Break-up Cake. So don't let yourself be discouraged by your heartache and embark on the cultivation of this promising cross which has no chance of disappointing you, as much by its culture, by its production as by its taste quality whose greediness can’t disappoint absolutely no one on this planet.

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