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Bruce Banner Auto seeds by Sweet Seeds are a 7th generation autoflowering strain, got from crossing one of the most powerful strains from the West Coast (Bruce Banner). Bruce Banner Auto plants are ready to harvest in 9 weeks form germination, with THC levels up to 25%. In her you'll find sweet and fruity tastes, and a powerful and uplifting effect that brings you happiness.

Genetics of Bruce Banner Auto strain

Bruce Banner Auto is born from a crossing between the elite clone Bruce Banner x Gorilla Girl XL Auto (that carries the autoflowering XL gene). We are talking about one of the autoflowering strains with longer developement, as it is a 7th generation (what makes it closer to the original strain, brings bigger size, more yields and a more balanced offspring).

Bruce Banner Auto seeds by Sweet Seeds

Bruce Banner Auto dcomes out in autoflowering female plants. An indica dominant hybrid that developes a good main cola surrounded by many secondary nugs.

Bruce Banner Auto plants has a quick growth cycle, being ready to harvest in not much more than 9 weeks from germination, what is divided in about 4 weeks of vegetative stage + 5 weeks of bloom.

The yields are over the average in autoflowering strains, with a maximum height of 110cm.

Growing Bruce Banner Autoflowering

As we already explained from other XL autoflowering strains by Sweet Seeds, the growing strage of these strains take about 4-5 weeks from germiantion, before plants begin to flower. Int his case, as it happens with other autoflowering genetics, it is recommended to avout transplants, prunings or any other action during this growing stage that could alter the quick developement of plants.

It is also beneficial the use of a new and spongy substrate that allows a quick and healthy root developement.

Having the autoflowering strains a limited vegetative period, it is so positive to promotoe whatever action that enhances q quicker developement of plants. We aim you to use a good root booster and a grow stimulator every time you water your plants.

Bruce Banner Autofem in flowering

Bruce Banner Auto bloom stage starts in the moment plants stop growing and show their first pistils. From that instant and forward plants will focus all their energy and effords in flower formation and developement.

In the case of these Bruce Banner Auto once they start flowering the countdown to harvest begins, and finishes after 4-6 weeks (some phenotypes will take longer than others, being the ones with longer flowering the ones that source larger crops).

Bruce Banner Auto does not need too much attention to get good crops, being a good choice for less experienced growers, and for short summer areas.

It is important to don't overfeed autoflowering plants. These plants do not manage well high ppms, that will easily ruin your crop.

Bruce Banner Auto cannabis plants yields

Bruce Banner Auto delivers large yields indoors and outdoors, and it does with not too much attention from grower, what makes her an ideal strain for growers with short and long experience.

As it happens with most of the autoflowering genetics, some techniques and products can help you boost your yields (like a good root booster, a soft and spongy substrate or avoid transplanting). Independent to these tips, Bruce Banner Auto is able to yield up to 175 g/plant outdoors and up to 500 g/m2 indoors.

Looking for higher yields it isimportant to never transplant nor grow in-ground autoflowering plants.

What we do recommend is growing Bruce Banner AUto in 15 liter pots and a fresh and spongy growing medium that eases the root expansion (what favor an increase of final yields). You must understand that bigger the rootmass is, more chances of your plant to uptake the nutrients you feed her.

About structure, Bruce Banner uto is a plant with a large main cola, surrounded by many side-branches with nugs of similar size than main. She is not friend of prunings, so let her grow naturally and she will reward you.

Bruce Banner Automatic taste and flavor

The aroma and taste of Bruce Banner AUto is clearly sweet and fruity, with floral tones that remind Diesel family, and also with earthy undertones.

Effect of Bruce Banner Auto cannabis

The effect of Bruce Banner Auto nugs is powerful and longlasting, uplifting and energic (it is not rare as some phenotypes reach 25% in THC levels or even more). Every time you consume Bruce Banner Auto you will boost your imagination and creativity to limits never seen before.

Tips to grow Bruce Banner Auto

To grow Bruce Banner Auto we will give you 3 main tips:

1st: A new and spongy substrate, that contains abondant nutrients. We have explained in other cases that our favourite soils are Terra Professional Plus by Cnna and Batmix by Plagron. Each of these two has its pros and cons, but choosing any of these two you'll get a great substrate to grow Bruce Banner Auto.

2nd: Any other product will give you more benefits than a good root stimulator. Rember this and repeat it constantly: More roots means higher yields.

3rd: 15 liter pots. Using smaller pots will limit the potential of these plants, and using bigger pots it's totally useless. With this fact it is totally discarted to grow strains like this in-ground, as it will stay smaller and yields will be lower.

4th: If you experience and skills are low forget about liquid fertilizers. It will be always better to use organic powder nutrients. An in addition you'll safe money! A bit of worm castings and bat guano could source you a top quality and also good yields. And you'll get it for much less efford that needed when growing within liquid fertilizers. Don't mess with liquid nutrients until you know how to do it.

Once these basic tips are understood, we always like to advise that autoflowering plants are easily stressed, so everything that could produce stress in plants should be avoided or minimized. In this case our tip is to don't prune plants nor transplants, because in both cases plants could suffer form stress that would limit final results.

Another detail you should never forget: Growing is something that takes it time. If you have taken care of your plants for more than 2 months, there is no rush to harvest. If you plants still need some extra time to arrive to their optimal harvest point you don't want to cut those days off. Wait what's necessary and never harvest before it's time. It is bad an early harvest than a late harvest.

Characteristics of Bruce Banner Auto seeds

Gender: Feminzied.

Genotype: Autoflowering indica-dominant.

Genetics: Bruce Banner x Gorilla Girl XL Auto

Harvest: 9 weeks from germination.

Yields: 500 g/m2 - 150 g/plant.

Taste: Sweet.

Aroma: Fruity.

Effect: Potente y energizante.Powerful and uplifting.

Height: 50-110 cm.

Bruce Banner Auto final reviews and price

The true is tha we were waiting for this evolution and the arrival of autoflowering strains of 7th generation. In the case of this Bruce Banner Auto we are facing a strain that not only gets bigger size, also better yields and taste, reducing also the difference in-between plant's traits (being so much balanced than previous generations). In this case Bruce Banner Auto we see a great uniformity in offspring, what derives in large amounts of plants that grow, smell and taste the same.

Another interesting point of this Bruce Banner Auto is its powerful, longlasting and uplifting effect (rare in autoflowering plants). We really enjoyed finding an auto strain that delivers energize to tokers. If you want to sleep forget about her.

Finally about its price, as it happens with all strains sold by Sweet Seeds, bruce Banner is giving a limited promo of 3+1 and 5+2, in which Seet Seeds gives those extra seeds for the same price, what reduces notoriously the cost per seed, and leaves it close to average price (it's not the cheapest but it's not the expensivest neither). In our opinion the price matches the quality you'll get form these seeds. Give Bruce Banner Auto a try.

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