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Bubba's Gift marijuana strain by Humboldt Seeds was created in 2007. This hybrid between two legendary strain, is a crossing between Pre-98 Bubba and God's Gift. Bubba's Gift seeds come this crossing between two indica plants, becoming vigorous plants, with high resistance, being a compact plant, with wide leaves, that does not stretch too much when switched to 12/12.

Bubba's Gift was created in 2007, after crossing two indica strains like Pre-98 Bubba and God's Gift. From the fuse of these two indica plants is born a vigorous marijuana strain.

Bubba's Gift structure, is compact, with wide leaves, but thanks to its internodal space the light can pass through it charging all flowers.

Humboldt Seeds recommends to give Bubba's Gift enough vegetation stage before flipping it to 12/12, due to its very low stretching when turned to flower.

Bubba's Gift has a flowering time of 45-50 days, with huge buds, that are usually formed after 5 weeks, and turn to purple at week 6. Bubba's Gift requires a low fertilization, and will rarely need holders for her branches.

The taste of Bubba's Gift is a mix between Pineapple and tropical fruits, together with petroleum back taste.

The effect is soft, ideal for a daily smoke, and to stimulate appetite and creativity. Bubba's Gift is a genetic that every grower should try at least once in a lifetime.

Characteristics of Bubba's Gift marijuana

Sex: feminized.

Genetics: Pre-98 Bubba x God's Gift.

Type: indica.

Yield: High.

Flowering indoors: 45-50 days.

Flowering outdoors: End Septembee.

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