Bud Clean

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Bud Clean XS straight tip
Bud Clean Long Blade
Bud Clean XC curved tip
The Budclean scissors is the perfect tool for the maintenance and harvest in cannabis crops. The Bud Clean Crop Shears are made with hard chrome plated blades and ground with precision.

These pruning shears have a Japanese blade with a point of needle and resist resin corrosion.To avoid injury to the hands also has a safety lock and non-slip polyvinyl chloride handle.

According to needs available in 3 formats:

Bud Clean XS pruning shears. Straight tip.

Bud Clean XC pruning shears. Curved tip

Bud Clean long blade pruning shears. Long tip.

We recommend always disinfecting the scissors before using them, especially when making cuttings. It is also recommended use different scissors for each mother plant. Once used we will use isopropyl alcohol to clean them and be able to remove the resin accumulated on the blades.

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