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SantYerbasi adds Caboose to the Strain Hunters catalogue. Caboose is a crossing between: Trainwreck x Salmon Greek Big Bud, that presents an indica plant, with high medical value, being easy to grow.

Led by Strain Hunters Seed Bank we get Caboose , a very famous Californian variety , hybrid and legendary Trainwreck Salmon Creek Big Bud. After many years of testing, Strain Hunters Seed Bank has been able to reverse and stabilize , obtaining excellent feminized seeds.

Caboose grows very compact, with short internodes and branch width . The branch structure makes it very lush and source of good productions.

Caboose shows a typical irregular formation of buds Trainwreck variety , for its similarity to large round goblets of red and purple tones. Even so , large and dense buds are more like a Big Bud that the Trainwreck .

The combination of large calyx with large buds are unusual, and Caboose makes an ideal choice, with high quality , complex flavor and aromas.

The Caboose variety is perfect for indoor and outdoor grows well in all cropping systems.

In cases where Caboose has grown , it is convenient to hold a support branches . Caboose tolerate high levels of EC, especially if the plants grow in a healthy and perform at 100 %. Caboose has a rapid effect , burns well and has a distinct mineral flavor that is complemented with a floral background . smells like tangerines and spring flowers , but with a pungent odor , almost metallic ( reminiscent of his ancestor by Lapart Northern Lights Big Bud) .

Caboose resin is very white , with a very interesting ofeeciendo aesthetics. Effect intense , trippy starts very slowly and then drops a narcotic and relaxing effect. It is appropriate to relax, unwind , watch movies or before going to sleep.

Features Strain Hunters Caboose variety of Seed Bank

Genetics: Trainwreck x Big Bud Greek Salmon / 70 % indica - 30 % sativa ( feminized ) .
Height: ground floor with a short distance intermodal , less than 5 cm.
Flowering indoor : Flowering time 8 weeks, with production up to 0.9 grams of buds once dry and clean , per watt per m2 (with a 1000 W HPS ) .
Flowering outdoors
: flowering time of 8 weeks, with production up to 1 kilo per plant bud once dried and manicured , depending on the final size.
Taste (burnt ) : floral with mineral notes .
Aroma ( unburned ) : kush, fruity , sweet and salty, almost metallic . Complex .
Looks dry / crumbled bud : Dried buds are dense , thick and hard , with large chalice. The shredded buds are very sticky , bright green with orange and brown tones.
Effect speed : fast.
Duration of effect : Avg ., More body than mind , at first somewhat trippy and after strong sedative : Quality / type of effect.
Medicinal Qualities : analgesic, appetite stimulant .

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