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Emerald Harvest Cal-Mag is a Calcium and Magnesium supplement that solves and prevents against lack of these elements. Cal-mag contains kelp extract (seaweed with high content in nitrogen) that acts as chelate. This way Cal-Mag not only prevents and removes any defficiency of Calcium and Magnesium, it also improves nutrient uptake.

¿What's Cal-Mag supplement and why is it good for?

Cal-Mag is a product formuled with Calcium and Magnesium, that works to prevent and solve defficiencies of Calcium and magnesium during plant's growth. Cal-Mag by Emerald Harvest also contains Kelp extract (seaweed that source nitrogen besides acting as chelate agent to increase nutrient uptake).

Adding Cal Mag to your nutrient solution not only improves plant's health, but also increase final yields as these are elements that play a key rol in photosynthesis and nutrient transport.

¿When should I add Cal-Mag booster by Emerald Harvest?

Emerald Harvest recommends adding Cal-Mag during all stages of growth (grow stage and bloom phase). This is specially important when growing in coco or in hydroponic systems, as these are inert growing mediums with common defficiencies of these elements.

If you are growing in coco and have noticed a fading of leaves, or a lack of health of your plants, it is possible that you are suffering a lack of calcium and magnesium. This lack is specially normal when using RO water to prepare your nutrient solution.

Cal Mag to solve lack of Calcium, Magnesium and Nitrogen

If you need to solve any defficiency you only need to add Cal-Mag by Emerald Harvest every time you irrigate your plants, following the recommended dose that we will detail further on. One of the advantages of Cal Mag Emerald Harvest compared with other brand's supplements is that it inlcudes kelp extract. Seaweed like kelp are an extra source of Nitrogen plus an improvement of nutrient uptake capacity. This detail helps prevent and correct lack of any element quickly in just a couple of waterings.

Application of CalMag in irrigation and foliar spray

CalMag gets its best performance when applied in irrigation (plants have higher uptake capacity within their roots). Although , Cal-Mag can also be sprayer to solve and correct soft defficiencies of Calcium and Magnesium. It usually applied in foliar sprays along rooting process of cuttings (when there aren't any roots) or during first stages of vegetative phase.

To apply CalMag in irrigation or sprayed check the recommended doses following these lines

How t use Cal-Mag and recommeded dose per 1 liter of water

If you like growing in coco the first advise is to hydrate the growing medium with a solution containing Cal-Mag, 24 hours before planting. This way plants can uptake this additive from the very first moment roots get in contact with substrate, boosting the process of adaptation and growth.

Recommended dose of CalMag in growing stage

Rooting clones and germinating seeds: 0,5 ml/L.

Early vegetative stage: 0,5 ml/L.

Late vegetative stage and mother plants: 0,8 ml/L.

Dosage of Cal-Mag in flowering phase

Semana 1 de floración - Transición: 0,8 ml/L.

Semana 2 de floración - Floración temprana: 0,8 ml/L.

Semana 3 de floración - Floración temprana: 0,8 ml/L.

Semana 4 de floración - Floración intermedia: 1 ml/L.

Semana 5 de floración - Floración intermedia: 1 ml/L.

Semana 6 de floración - Floración avanzada: 1,25 ml/L.

Semana 7 de floración - Floración avanzada: 1,25 ml/L.

Semana 8 de floración - Maduración: 0,5 ml/L.

Recommended dose of Cal-Mag in foliar spray

As we already explained, Cal-Mag by Emerald Harvest can be applied spraying plants. This type of application is only recommended during early vegetative stage and never in presence of flowers or fruits.

Recommended dosage of Cal-Mag (foliar): 0,75 ml/L.

Characteristics of Cal-Mag Emerald Harvest

Type: Defficiency solver.

To: Prevent and correct any lack of Calcium, Magnesium or Nitrogen. Increase nutrient uptake capacity and photosynthesis of plants and final yields.

Use: During all stages of growth (grow and bloom), specially when growing in coco, hydroponics or aeroponics.

Dose: 0,5-1,25 ml/L.

Guaranteed analysis of CalMag deficiency solver

NPK: 2-0-0.

Total Nitrogen: 2%.

0,1% of Ammonia Nitrogen.

1,9% of Nitric Nitrogen.

Calcium: 3%.

Magnesium 0,5%.

0,5% of water soluble magnesium.

Derived from calcium nitrate, magnesium suphate, calcium acetate, magnesium acetate and kelp extract.

Emerald Harvest Cal-Mag final reviews and its price

We really like to be able to express our own review of these type of additives and supplements because is specially interesting in products like Cal-Mag, where we can directly compare it with similar products from competitors.

The first comparison is clear, as Cal-Mag is an all-in-one product that contains a balanced blend of Calcium, Magnesium and Nitrogen. This studied formula allows you to correct and solve any lack of these elements that could occur during growth quickly, easily and not less important: cheap. According to this line of a simple application product, being an all-in one, you don't need to buy and dose three products. With only one product of high concentration you will solve three defficiencies at once. This makes from Cal-Mag a much more efficient product, being cheaper than most of its competitors.

Is specially when we discuss about price where Cal-Mag overstands again, as it needs a much lower dose than other Calcium and Magnesium supplements, but it is also cheaper than those, with a very bargain price so hard to beat (more when talking about purchasing three different additives separately).

If we add all these benefits, together with the kelp extract content, what directly affects in getting quicker results, so in the quality of the product, we are facing one of the best and most cheap supplements of Calcium and Magnesium in market.

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