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CalCarb by Xtreme Gardening is a foliar booster that sources Calcium and Carbon dioxide directly in leaves. The use of CalCarb sources calcium, a critical element for plant's health that contributes to improve strength of cell membranes and plays a role in nutrient use regulation. Spraying CalCarb growers will also reduce heat stress in plants, being useful indoors and outdoors.

CalCarb by Xtreme Gardening is a revolutionary product of calcium carbonate for foliar applications. CalCarb is a new form of nanotechnology that processes the compount to such a small size that allows it to penetrate plant's leaves. Once inside the cell walls the CO2 releases the Co2 in calcium and carbon dioxide quickly uptaken form threefolding photosinthesis.

CalCarb brings in two fondamental elements for plant's developement, in a new format, that saves problems to growers (as common irrigated calcium can vary substrate's pH levels besides harming microbial life of it). In addition thr exclusive formula of Xtreme Gardening CalCarb increases CO2 levels in stomatas quickly, what derives in an improvement of yields, density and quality of flowers and fruits.

In cases of heat stress it is recommended to spray plants every 2-3 days with a solution of CalCarb.

To get major benefits of CalCarb it is only necessary to spray plants paying special atention to spray the bottom of the leaves. CalCarb will also prevent against fruit-rot and mildew.

CalCarb Xtreme Gardening

Type: Foliar booster.

Benefits: Sources Calcium and Carbon dioxide instantly in stomatas.

Dose: Add 1g of CalCarb per 4 liters of water.

Use: All stages of plants.

Heat stress: Apply every 2-3 days.

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