Calcium Kick

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Plagron Calcium Kick is a pH regulator that increases it up to ideal values of 5,5-5,6. Calcium Kick improves substrate's structure and ensures an optimal nutrient uptake from the substrate. Calcium Kick has a booster effect in plant's methabolism, what makes them to grow quicker. Calcium Kick Plagron a powder additive, that does not influence EC levels, containing high levels of magnesium, trace elements besides calcium.

Plagron Calcium Kick is an essential element if we're planning to improve the structure of our substrate, and a must if we pretend to reuse the substrate for more than one growing cycle.

One of the best advantages of using Calcium Kick is that regulates substrate's pH, increasing it to ideal values of 5,5-5,6, and also feeding it with an extra dose of Calcium and Magnesium. In addition, it contains calcined algae, so it will convert your substrate into the perfect medium to grow your best seeds.

Another characteristic of Calcium Kick is that it does not influence the EC values, what makes it a very convenient additive.

If we pretend to recycle our substrate, it is recommended to use 2,5-5 Kg of Calcium Kick each 1000 liters of substrate. As it is a very concentrated product, it is convenient to mix it properly to avoid plant's roots burning.

Plagron Calcium Kick characteristics

Type: Soil improver and pH regulator powder additive.

Use: To be used in soil and coco.

Size: 5Kg.

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