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El Calcium Magnesium de General Hydroponics es un suplemento de Calcio y Magnesio directamente asimilable por las plantas. Calcium Magnesium es un complemento ideal para añadir a la solución nutriente en cualquier medio de cultivo (tierra, coco e hidroponía). Calcium Magnesium aporta los niveles óptimos de Calcio y Magnesio que tus plantas necesitan para crecimiento y floración.

Calcium and Magnesium are two key elements for plant's nutrition, for both growing stage and flowering stage, sourcing the secondary nutrients, and helping enhace growth and fructification of fruits. GHE Calcium Magnesium prevents fruit's roten and also any burn that may appear in the tips of your leaves, specially in intensive gardens, where nutrient levels are higher.

Adding Calcium Magnesium to our blend of nutrients we are sourcing all Calcium and Magnesium in concentrated form, clean and soluble, avoiding any block in watering systems. Calcium Magnesium is compatible with almost all nutrients and boosters in market, and is usefull to combat calcium retention produced in coco grown gardens (when using organic products).

*Atention: If you use GHE FloraCoco or FloraNova formulas for soft water do not add Calcium Magnesium, as these nutrients already contain all calcium needed (even for gardens where reverse osmosis water is used).

Calcium Magnesium GHE

Type: Calcium and Magnesium fefficiency solver.

For: Growing and flowering stage of plants in any of the different growing mediums (soil, coco or hydroponics).

Use: Can be used in every irrigation, as deffiency preventive, or to treat any lack of Calcium Magnesium that may appear, during all cycle of plants.

Dose: Add 1,5 ml/L to your nutrient solution before adding the rest of your nutrients schedule. When using RO water add 2 ml/L.

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