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Emerald Harvest Cali Pro Bloom A+B is one of the most professional nutrients for flowering phase. Cali Pro Bloom is a 2-part fertilizer (A and B) for flowering stage of plants. This nutrient brings all the essential elements for an abondant and heavy yielder bloom, what is a must for a top-shelf quality crop. In addition it is easy to use and dose, simplifying preparation of nutrient oslution and aboiding any possible error.

¿What's Emerald Harvest Cali Pro Bloom?

Cali Pro Bloom A+B is a fertilizer formuled in 2 compounds, A and B. It is formuled to source all essential nutrients for plants from early flowering, mid. and advanced up to rippening phase.

This 2-part fertilizer must be added at equal parts in the blend (same amount of A than B).

Cali Pro Bloom contains 4 chelated micro nutrients (what supose the maximum amount possible):

  1. Copper: That activates enzyms of plants and helps chlorofil production and lignin formation.
  2. Iron: What helps to chlorofil production and activates photosynthesis proccesses.
  3. Manganese: That works in collab with iron in chlorofil production.
  4. Zinc: Takes part in plant's growth regulation.

Characteristics and composition of professional 2-part flowering fertilizer

The main characteristic of this 2-part base nutrient is that it must be added to water at equal parts (same amount of A than B). This fact makes the preparation of the nutrient solution extremely easy and quick.

You must understand that part A and part B have different compositions, so you should not mix them without dilluting them first (always add part A to water and then add part B).

An important detail of 2-part fertilizers like Cali Pro Bloom is that thanks to it separated formula in two compounds, together they represent a much complete nutrient, richer in macro and micro nutrients than all-in-one fertilizers. This is possible thanks to keeping those compounds in separate bottles.

Composition of Cali Pro Bloom part A

  • NPK: 3-0-3
  • Total Nitrogen: 3%.

Ammonia Nitrogen: 2,5%

Ureic Nitrogen: 0,5%

  • Soluble potash (K2O): 3%.
  • Calcium: 2%.
  • Boron: 0,02%.
  • Copper: 0,005%.

0,005% chelated copper.

  • Iron: 0,1%

0,1% chelated iron

  • Manganese: 0,04%.

0,04% chelated manganese.

  • Molibdene: 0,002%.
  • Sodium: 0,1%.
  • Zinc: 0,02%.

0,02% chelated zinc.

  • Cobalt: 0,0005%

Derived from potassium nitrate, calcium nitrate, urea, cobalt nitrate, iron EDTA, sodium borate, sodium molibdate, cobalt EDTA, manganese EDTA, zinc EDTA.

Content of Cali Pro Grow part B

  • NPK: 1-4-6.
  • Total Nitrogen: 1,0%.

1,0%: nitric Nitrogen.

  • Available phosphate (P2O5): 4%.
  • Soluble potash (K2O): 6%.
  • Magnesium: 1%.

1% of water soluble magnesium.

  • Sulphur: 0,5%.

0,5% of combined sulphur

Derived from monopotasic phosphate, potassium nitrate, magnesium nitrate, magnesium sulphate.

How to use and dose Cali Pro Bloom A+B nutrients

Cali Pro Bloom A+B fertilizer by Emerald Harvest  is a highly concentrated nutrient that must be properly dosed to adjust the dose to the flowering stage plants are.

Emerald Harvest recommends a dose between 0,25 ml/L and 1,5 ml/L, what shows the concentration of the product, that you should carefuly add to your nutrient solution.

Remember this dosages refer to the amount you have to add of each part (A and B).

Dosages of Cali Pro Bloom in flowering

Week 1 - Transition: 0 ml/L.

Week 2 - Early flowering: 1,25 ml/L.

Week 3 - Early flowering: 1,25 ml/L.

Week 4 - Mid. flowering: 1,5 ml/L.

Week 5 - Mid. flowering: 1,5 ml/L.

Week 6 - Late flowering: 1,5 ml/L.

Week 7 - Late flowering: 1,5 ml/L.

Week 8 - Ripening: 1,5 ml/L.

Week 9 - Ripening: 0,25 ml/L.

Recommendations for using Cali Pro Bloom fertilizers

As we explained, Cali Pro Bloom from Emerald Harvest is a 2-part fertilizer highly concentrated. It is highly important that before proceeding to water your plants you check the pH and EC of the nutrient solution to ensure that it has the optimal desired values.

Another interesting advise we can give you is to always start with lower dosages than recommended by Emerald Harvest. Plants will always react better to a soft dose that to hard dosages. In case of showing a lack you just need to raise the dose and problem solved. If you use too high dosages and cause a nutrient-lock, your plants will take at least 1 week to recover from that lock (time that will be lost, obviously with a decrease in final yields)

A good tip for those seeking best performance off their plants in every crop is to combine the use of Cali Pro Bloom with King Kola. These two products together will make your flowers bigger, denser and tastier, with copious amounts of resin all over.

Recommended Ph for Cali Pro Bloom in flowering phase

The recommended pH of your nutrient solution during flowering phase is 6,0-6,2.

Our recommendation is to also control EC of your NS, as from it depends the quality of the results got: Plants don't like overfeedings nor lack of nutrients.

Recommended EC for flowering stage

Once plants are forced to photoperiod change you must adjust the EC to the flowering stage. In this case starting with an EC=1,0. As weeks pass by you should raise that value up to a maximum of 1,6 (some indica dominant strains can accept a maximum value of 1,8).

If you do a research through websites and blog you will read some pleople recommending high EC values, but at SantYerbasi we are confindent that you should respect the limits given if you pretend to get a large crop. Remember this principle: Less is more. Adding more products to yoru plant's schedule does not mean more and better results.

Cali Pro Bloom final reviews and its price

If you are looking a top-quality fertilizer, to guarantee good results, being easy to use and dose, keep reading this review, because you are facing one of the bloom fertilizers that has surprised more our team lately.

It is possible that if you don't have much experience in growing, or if you have low to none, a 2-part nutrient may seem something difficult, but nothing further from reality. Cali Pro Bloom A+B is probably one of the best flowering fertilizers in market. The quality of the product, and its concentration make that even the price per liter of nutrient solution prepared is really cheap.

What can you demand to Cali Pro Bloom by Emerald Harvest? First that you plants won't suffer from any lack of nutrients due to fertilizer. Its formula in 2 compounds make from it a much more complete nutrient than single bottle ones. It also guarantees an abondant early flowering, with a superior flower formation.

Cali Pro Bloom provides plants with all nutrients needed to get maximum performance off your plants. This can be got because it takes your plants to their best perfomance possible.  Our review of this product is cristal clear: You can use it or keep using you base nutrients, but if you don't try it you will never understand what we are talking about. We have used in our gardens and we noticed a notorious difference, we aim you to test it.

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