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Discover CalMag Pro from Plagron and definitively solve calcium and magnesium deficiencies in your crops. Create nutritious water and provide your plants with the essential minerals for vigorous growth and exceptional results.

NOVEDAD -20.01%

Why choose CalMag Pro from Plagron?

Here are the reasons why Plagron CalMag Pro is the ideal choice for your grow:

  • Correction of calcium and magnesium deficiencies: CalMag Pro from Plagron has been specially formulated to solve calcium and magnesium deficiencies in your plants. These nutrients are essential for healthy and optimal growth.
  • Ideal ratio of minerals: Plagron's CalMag Pro contains the perfect ratio of calcium and magnesium, avoiding competition between them and ensuring optimal absorption by plants.
  • Improves water quality: Whether you use water purified by reverse osmosis or soft water, Plagron's CalMag Pro guarantees a balanced concentration of minerals, creating nutritious and suitable water for your plants.
  • Strengthens the cell structure: Calcium and magnesium are essential in the formation of cell walls, which provides a robust and resistant structure in your plants. Plagron CalMag Pro strengthens these structures and promotes vigorous growth.
  • Maximizes nutrient uptake: By correcting calcium and magnesium deficiencies, Plagron's CalMag Pro improves the ability of plants to absorb other essential nutrients, maximizing yield and quality.
  • Compatible with treated water: Plagron's CalMag Pro is ideal for use with water purified by reverse osmosis and soft water, ensuring that your plants receive the necessary nutrients in the right proportion.
  • Professional results: Plagron is a recognized and trusted brand in the field of gardening and cultivation. Using Plagron CalMag Pro guarantees professional results and a successful grow.

Ideal for LED lamps:

If you use LED lamps to light your grow, the plants may sweat less compared to traditional lamps. This reduction in transpiration can affect the uptake of calcium and magnesium by plants. However, by adding CalMag Pro, you can compensate for this reduced transpiration and ensure that your plants receive the necessary nutrients for optimal development.

Dosage and use:

To use CalMag Pro effectively, add a maximum of 1 ml of product per liter of water (1:1000). Prepare a nutrient solution with this proportion and use it with each watering of your plants.


Plagron CalMag Pro is a high quality fertilizer with a 5-0-0 NPK composition, specifically designed to correct calcium and magnesium deficiencies in your plants. It contains a 4.1% calcium (Ca) and 2% magnesium (Mg) concentrate, providing the essential nutrients necessary to promote healthy and optimal growth in your crops.

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