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Can Fan Satellite-Can Fan Satellite 4A

The Can Fan Satellite 4A is a controller for fans and extractors manufactured specifically to dim Can Fan Iso-max and Max fan 1-speed extractors. Can-Fan Satellite allows you to connect it to Can Fan LCD Controller and a maximum of 2 extractors, so these can be dimmed. The LCD Fan Controller will take care of enviroment mesurements and will force Can Fan Satellite to follow instructions to dim or boost extractors, in order to keep climate conditions in optimal values.

Operating instructions: Download

The Can Fan Satellite is a step transformer built to connect regular extractors and fans to the new Can Fan LCD EC Controller.

¿What is Can Fan Satellite?

The new Can Fan Satellite is a 6-speed controller that allows you to adjust it manually, and also allows you to connect it to Can Fan LCD Controller for a fully automated enviroment control.

The Satelite by Can-Fan is specially designed to regulate power of 1-speed extractors, like Isomax or Max Fan, wihtout suffering noises due a low quality dimmer technology.

¿What functionalities does Can Fan Satellite Controller bring?

The Can Fan Satellite is thought to connect up to 2 extractors (or 1 extractor and 1 intractor) being possible to dim speed with 6 different velocities + Automatic (connecting the unit to LCD Controller).

The Satellite is a 4 Amp. Step Transformer, that uses professional technology to dim speed of fans and extractors, with no noises nor engine damage.

Total enviroment control in combined with LCD FAN Controller

The main advantage of using Can Fan Satellite, is reached when we combine the thechnology of the Step Transformer together with the LCD EC Fan Controller.

Together these two elements get a total climate control being possible to adjust up to 16 different configurations.

The LCD EC Controller adds to the Satellite dimming options a brand new world being possible to control maximum and minimum temperature during day and night (separately), maximum and minimum speed for day and night (separately), maximum and minimum humidity for day and night (separately), negative pressure and more interesting features.

In addition, as both are manufactured with newest technology, the connection between both is Plug and Play within a jack cable.

Extra protection for your fans

The Can Fan Satellite includes a fuse that takes care of protecting the unit against overload. If for any reason the system gets shocked by an overload, the fuse would hold it, protecting the engine of your fans and extractors.

Possible configurations of Can Fan Satellite

Iso-Max 250/14802YesYes
Iso-Max 250/23102YesYes
Iso-Max 315/23802YesYes
Iso-Max 315/32602YesYes
Iso-Max 355/48001YesNo
Max Fan 250/16252YesYes
Max Fan 250/17402YesYes
Max Fan 280/23602YesYes
Max Fan 315/23602YesYes
Max Fan 315/35102YesYes
Max Fan 355/25802YesYes
Max Fan 355/49901YesNo

Can Fan Satellite characteristics

Type: Step transformer for non EC fans like Isomax and Max Fan 1-speed

For: Take control of working-speed of fans/extractors.

Maximum load: 4 Amps.

Dimming options: 6-speed + Auto EC (connected to EC Fan Controller).

Plug & Play: Yes.

Overload protection: Yes.

More Information
Operating instructionses/can-fan-satellite-eng.pdf
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