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RAW Soluble's cane molasses is a pure carbohydrate for plants. Many gardeners don’t realize that the microorganisms living in and around a plant’s roots feed on carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are secreted by the plant’s roots. In some cases, a good amount of plant energy is used in providing these microbes with the carbohydrates they need to continue their synergistic relationship. By directly supplementing carbohydrates to a plant’s root mass, a gardener can increase the amount of available carbohydrates which creates two benefits. First, the plant no longer has to use as much energy to provide the microbes with carbohydrates. This is energy that can be put toward growth. Second, a continuous food source for beneficial microorganisms in the root zone will help maintain a healthy amount of beneficial microbes.  RAW Cane Molasses has all the benefits as Liquid Molasses without all the mess.
What impressed me most about the RAW Soluble product line is the sheer amount of control given to the horticulturist. The unique, customizable approach to their products shows me that the folks at NPK Industries are not only fertilizer manufacturers but are themselves avid gardeners. It’s nice to see a fertilizer company taking a pure approach to their products by removing the fillers and packaging their products in clear, re-sealable pouches, as though to say “you see what you get and you get what you see.” Experienced growers will surely enjoy the amount of customizability this product line has to offer. For beginner gardeners or those who are a little nervous to use a multi-part fertilizer regiment, RAW Solubles has an easy to understand feeding chart which provides a good, general starting point for any gardener or greenhouse grower.

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