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Canna Aqua Flores is a 2-part bloom fertilizer, used in equal parts (same dose of A than B) each time you water your plants. Aqua Flores is specifically developed for growing in hydroponics, in DWC or bubbling systems, in which water is recycled.


¿What's Canna Aqua Flores?

CANNA Aqua Flores is a quick nutrient for plants, that contains all essential elements for an abondant flowering. Flowering stage is important as during this stage plants will develope their flowers for an abondant crop in terms of quality and quantity, what derives in higher yields.

Aqua Flores is used in recirculating systems like NFT, DWC or flood and drain type where water is reused, remaining in constant circulation from tank to plants and back, for a higher efficiency in water use.

Aqua Flores A+B characteristics

  • Aqua Flores is easy to use and dissolves inmediately in water.
  • Its composition contains pH buffers, so it is not needed to constantly adjust pH values of nutrient solution.
  • Aqua Flores asures a strong and healthy plant able to increase the flower and resin production.
  • Composed of quickly uptaken phosphorus and potassium, chelated agents of iron EDDHA and trace elements to guarantee an abondant bloom, with large and dense flowers covered with copious amounts of resin.

Advantages of Canna Aqua Flores A+B 2-part fertilizer

The reason of Canna Aqua Flores of being a 2-part fertilizer is it gets a better final final product. The main reason for a 2-part (A&B) is some elements of A and B can block each other when served in one product. Being stored separately, grower will benefit from a more complete nutrient, ready to be mixed in water.

How to use Aqua Flores A & B

  • Shake the bottle before use.
  • Fill the tank with water.
  • Add Aqua Flores A in recommended dose and stir properly.
  • Add Aqua Flores B in recommended dose and stir properly.
  • Adjust EC values of your nutrient solution. If needed to increase EC always add more product in equal parts of A and B. In case of needing to low down EC dillute nutrient solution with RO water.
  • Recommended pH values: 5,2 - 6,2 Regarding its special composition, it is not necessary to further adjust pH of Nutrient Solution.
  • Apply from begining of flower formation (week 1-3 to 12/12, or when pH of water starts decreasing under 5,0-5,2), until flushing period before harvest..
  • Fully remove nutrient solution once per week.
  • Attention: Never mix A compound with B compount directly. Always disolve A in water and then dissolve B in the same water.

Canna Aqua Flores recommended dose

Add Canna Aqua Flores in a dose between 0,5 and 2 ml/L in equal parts of A & B (in example: If we add 1 ml/L of Aqua Flores A, we must add 1 ml/L of Aqua Flores B).

Canna Aqua Flores feed chart

If you still have any doubt about how to apply Aqua Flores, or any other Canna nutrients and boosters, you can check Canna feed chart. In the Canna growing schedule you will find recommended doses for each week of the growing cycle. Remember to always adapt the nutrients used to the strain grown, and to the growing method used.

Additional information about Canna Aqua Flores A & B

CANNA only uses feeding substances and pure top quality chelates taht plants can uptake directly and completely. The dosing bottle is manufactured with polyethylene  (without PVC nor cadmium), a very easy to recycle plastic.

Canna Aqua Flores advantages, pricing and sizes available

Canna Aqua Flores is available in different sizes so every grower can choose the size better fits the growing needings. You can purchase Aqua Flores in formats of 1L and 5L bottles.

Another advantage of Canna Aqua Flores is it is a highly concentrated product, that in maximum dose you just need to add 2 ml/L. This concentration, compared with some other brand's products makes from Aqua Flores a very cheap and longlasting fertilizer.

Canna Aqua Flores bloom fertilizer final reviews

No doubt, Canna is one of the fertilizing companies with better reviews in market. The amount of satisfied users endorse this product, that gets its job done, with plants that flower vigorous without any lack of nutrients.

If we properly dose products, Aqua Flores A+B no only covers all feeding needings along flowering stages, it also becomes one of the best options for a heavy yielding flowering. In order to get best results we aim you to combine Aqua Flores with Canna Boost and Canna PK 13/14.

At SantYerbasi we are users of Canna Aqua Flores nutrients, so we can guarantee this product will give you good returns as it has shown in our own crops.

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