Canna Coco Slabs

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Canna Coco Slabs are first quality coco fybers pressed, and dried, ready for indoor and outdoor growing, assuring all needings for plants. One of th emain advantages of Coco Slabs from Canna is that contain trichoderma, a beneficial fungi, that protects plants against illness of substrate, and also improves nutrient uptake.

Advantages of Canna Coco Slabs

The substrate contained in each coco slab can be re-used more than once. After two uses, can be applied as other substrates conditioner, improving the structure of it.

Canna Coco is enviroment friendly, and fulfills the requirements R.H.P.

Coco Slabs by Canna are an organic product, with a virus, illness of substrate, and chemical, free structure,

Unlike common coco used in horticulture, Canna Coco Slabs does not contain fyber, and comes in thin laminae shaped form, a structure that improves its quality and performance of ending crop.

Coco Slabs by Canna have an water/air mix that creat an ideal substrate for almost all growing methods.

How to use Slabs

Every canna Coco Slab comes pressed and dried, making it easier to transport and store.

If we want to set them as growing medium, grower should put the slab in a nutrient solution prepared with COGr Buffer Agent by Canna, specifically developed for this purpose.

Cada Slab de Coco Canna se sirve prensado y deshidratado, haciendo más fácil su transporte y almacenaje.

To prepare the substrate you should use a dose of 2 ml per liter of water (if necessary adjust the pH solution to 5,5-5,8). Once placed in nutrient solution, Coco Slabs will absorb it and transform from its 3 liters dried substrate to 17 liter substrate ready to grow.

It is recommended to use 12,5 liters of nutrient solution tu hydrate each Coco Slab.

Ones hydrated, you can make small cuts in the envelope to ease the drainage.

Once hydrated, leave Canna Coco Slab for 24 hours before placing the plants in it.

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