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Canna Phosphor is directly uptaken by root system, quickly delivering it to the internal system of plants. Phosphor is a key elment for cannabis plants. During vegetative stage, phosphor mainly takes care of improving root system of plants, while in flowering stage increase the size of the flowers. Canna Phosphor is a supplement of this mineral to sol lacks, that can also be used to increase the dose of this mononutrient consumed in large quantities.


Canna Phosphor is specifically developed to influence in flowering, and secondary methabolites, thanks to its unique formula, that helps solving lack of phosphore, besides working as a phosphor supplement in some stages of growth, were it could be needed.

Phsphore has essential functions in plants developement, specially in root system when growing, and to boost flowering. This essential element exerts a key job in plant's energy management, so we should pay attention to it if we pretend to get best results per crop.

Reasons for a lack of Phosphor: The growing medium has a too high pH (over 7). The growing medium is too acidic, or too rich in iron and zinc. The substrate has become fixated. Phosphate cannot be absorbed anymore.

Canna Phosphor characteristics

Type: Phosphore defficiency solver.

Format: Liquid.

Application: As a Phosphor fertilizer, to be used in case of lack of this element. As a supplement to boost flowering.

Dose: 1-2 ml/L.

Size: 1L

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