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Cannabiogen Delta 10 is an organic bloom fertilizer, that helps getting bigger and denser buds, what derives in a larger crop, of higher quality. Delta 10 sources your plants with phosphorus and potassium needed for an explissive bloom, activating methabolic system of plants (non modifying it), so it helps increasing the amount of vitamines and enzymes produced by plants in its natural way.

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Delta 10 by Cannabiogen is a complete fertilizer for flowering stage of plants, that sources macro-nutrients essential to get abondant and quality crop. Delta 10 boosts enzyme production in a natural way, what derives in an improvement of all internal processes of them, getting larger yields with heavy denser nugs, in addition to a resin production increase.

Delta 10 is a great ally for our nutrient schedule in bloom stage, as it sources phosphorus and potassium, besides enhancing other natural processes of plants, getting healthier plants, with higher possibilities of increasing your harvest numbers.

Delta 10 is an ideal complement for growers using Delta 9, as Delta 9 stimulatores flower formation, and Delta 10 takes a role in filling those flowers along flowering cycle, getting a better final resul, with larger and denser buds covered with frosty resin.

Cannabiogen Delta 10 activates methabolic system of plants (without modifying it), improving vitamine and enzyme production, and also increasing internal activities of plants avoiding any kind of stress. Adding Delta 10 to your nutrient solution you don't need to add any other nutrient or booster, getting a great result in every harvest, with larger buds, more dense, heavier with more resin. Thanks to this increase in resin production, your flowers will get higher quality, taste and flavor.

Delta 10 should be added to the nutrient schedule since first symptoms of flowers until flushing period (previous to harvest). Delta 10 can be applied in irrigation, or within a sprayer in foliar spray 2 time sper week. Growers who prefer to add it in irrigation should adjust the dose of Delta 10 to the stages of plants, starting with lower dose, and rising it up as weeks pass by (to avoid any nutrient-lock in plants). When foliar spraying it is recommended to use a lower dose and repeat the application twice per week.

Cannabiogen Delta 10

Type: Bloom fertilizer and booster.

For: Increase size and density of the flowers, and also to enhance resin production.

Use: Along flowering stage of plants, from first flower appearance until flushing period.

Dose: 3-6 ml/L in irrigation. 2-3 ml/L in foliar spray.

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