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CBD Lemon Potion Auto seeds are a collab. between Barney's Farm and CBD Crew seedbank, to get a 3-way cross Lemon Kush x CBD Crew CBD enriched x Auto. CBD Lemon Potion Auto is an autoflowering strain, with a citrus taste and flavour, high CBD content, that is ready to harvest in 70 days from germination, sourcing with high yields of buds, in a heigh not higher than 1 meter.

The market of autoflowering seeds is rising, and now we can add a new value to its list of advatages: Autoflowering strains with high CBD levels. In this case, CBD Lemon Potion Auto, an autoflowering strain with a CBD:THC ratio of 2:1, with levels of cannabidiol of 15%.

For the breeding project of CBD Lemon Potion Auto, the breeders form Barney's Farm worked with a Lemon Kush, crossing it with a CBD enriched clone (donated by CBD Crew seedbank), that later on was crossed with a selected rudelaris strain, to bring in the autoflowering gene. the result are cannabis autoflowering plants, that will be ready to harvest in 70 days from germination, with an average height of 1 meter, and large yields of buds covereds with resin.

The structure of CBD Lemon Potion Auto is compact, bushy, with short internodal space, what helps creating high bud density. The flowers are compact, and release an intense citrus and spicy smell.

To get the best performance from CBD Lemon Potion Auto we recommend you using the most spongy substrate you get, with 11-15 liter pots, within a 20/4 photoperiod from for the entire cycle of plants. As it happens with all autoflowering plants, CBD Lemon Potion Auto will thank the use of root boosters during vegetative stage, increasing its nutrient uptake, what derives in plants prepared for larger yields.

Medicinal users should consider growing CBD Lemon Potion Auto using worm castings and bat guano, what no doubt will give this strain better taste and flavour, as well as increasing its medicinal value, for being 100% organic nutrients.

Barney's Farm CBD Lemon Potion Auto

Sex: Feminized.

Genotype: Autoflowering.

Genetics: Lemon Kush x CBD rich x Auto.

Harvest: 70 days from germination.

Yields: 400 g/sqm - 80 g/plant.

Aroma: Lemony and spicy.

Taste: Citrus.

THC-CBD ratio: 1:2.

Height: 80-90 cm.

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