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00 Cheese-5 seeds

00 Cheese is an indica marijuana strain, directly derived from the original Cheese that became popular in the UK. 00 Cheese seeds produce female plants with ain tense flavour and taste. The flowering time of 00 Cheese marijuana plants is short and, when grown indoors, it is recommended to use good air filter systems to prevent against its strong smell goes out from the grow-room. This is a really easy to grow strain, good option for all growers, indoors and outdoors.

After a long developent by 00 Seeds, this 00 Cheese is available, a plant with great flavours, and good side-branching, that helps improving the yields from the original clone.

 Growing this strain growers will notice a great vigourosity during growing stage, for this medium sized plant, that produce strong flavours and taste like an old cheese. The resin is coating all buds, and will be appreciated by all those growers who like resin extraction methods. 00 Cheese has a flowering time of 9 weeks, with an average size indoors of 80-90 cm, and yields up to 450 grams per squared meter.

The effect of 00Cheese marijuana is relaxing and longlasting, perfect to solve those stressing days.

00 Cheese characteristics

Sex: Feminized.

Genotype: Indica.

Genetics: UK Cheese.

Flowering time: 60-70 days.

Harvest outdoors: Mid October.

Taste: Old Cheese.

Effect: Relaxing.

Yield: Medium.

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