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Cheese Autoflowering is the automatic version from the known Cheese. In this crossing, Dinafem used the famous Cheese clone, and a selected autoflowering strain (that adds the autoflowering gene). Cheese Auto will be ready to harvest 70 days after germination, with higher levels of CBD than the original Cheese, what makes her a great option for medical purposes.

Chese autoflowering hybrid is the cross of our best Critical+ autoflowering male with the original Cheese clone.

We managed to fix the long lasting Cheese taste of the mother, but at the same time creating an autoflowering that gives you good yield & good height. This new line has a strong Cheese flavor and the great production inherited from the original Cheese mother plant. In addition, the sweetness and production of Critical+ has been added due to the selection of the biggest, tastiest and most productive plants of each generation.

For the followers of this strain, the Cheese flavor is the most important characteristic and that´s what we offer: a very concentrated taste and an autoflowering of great size and production.

It´s aroma is extremely strong and therefore, it is essential to use carbon filters to avoid attracting attention. That aroma gives you an extreme pleasure in your mouth.

It has more CBD than the original Cheese strain; therefore the effect is strong and more physical than in the non-autoflowering line. It is suitable for medicinal use. It is easy to grow, great producer and has a discrete height.

  • YIELD: 40 to 135 gr
  • HIGHT: 60 to 135 cm

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