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Cheese Candy Auto is an autoflowering marijuana strain from Delicious Seeds seedbank catalogue, born from a crossing between Cheese Auto and Caramelo Auto. Cheese Candy Auto automatic seeds have good manners growing indoors and outdoors, being a quick flowering strain, with good size and flower production.


The breeding project of Cheese Candy Auto begins with two new autoflowering lines that start from Original Cheese and Caramelo. After getting the autoflowering version of each one (Cheese Auto and Caramelo Auto) we decided to combine both in one new strain: Cheese Candy Auto, a medium/large size, compact plant.

As it happens with all autoflowering plants, Delicious Seeds recommends, once the seed is germinated, place it in the definitive pot, with soft substrate and good drainage.

Growing Cheese Candy Auto indoors works good in 7 liter pots, in wich will develope a huge main cola, with some side branches, getting maximum proffit from the light used.

Growing outdoors, Cheese Candy Auto will benefit more quantity of substrate, improving its side branching and its growth.

Cheese Candy Auto surprise for its quick developement, producing flowers and resin so fast. During the drying stage buds will turn its flavours to a more acid and spicy tones. Indica effect, for body relaxing and low mind stimulation.

Cheese Candy Auto will help smokers with pain or insomnia, being a great strain for medical use due to its high content of CBD.

Characteristics of Cheese Candy Auto marijuana

Sex: Feminized.

Genotype: Autoflowering.

THC: 17%.

harvest: 55 days after germination.

Taste: Citrus and fruity.

Yield: 450-500 g/m2 indoors - 70-80 g/plant outdoors.

Smell: Medium.

Effect: Mind.

Resistance against mold: High.

Resistance against pests: High.

Genetics: Cheese Auto x Caramelo Auto.

Medical value: High.

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