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Delicious Seeds releases Chocobang seeds, a sativa dominant hybrid, that has been introduced to their seed catalogue due the good response got from growers who participated in a seed test run 4 years ago. Chocobang is born from a crossing Apalachian Kush x Chocolope (OG Chocolate Thay x Cannalope Haze).


Genetics of Chocobang strain

Chocobang stran is born from a crossing Apalachian Kush x Chocolope. Resulting from it we got a sativa dominant hybrid (70& sativa - 30% indica) that has received great reviews from all growers who got involved in the breeding project and test runs.

This is a 100% american genetics hybrid, as both the Apalachian Kush and Chocolope (OG Chocolate Thay x Cannalope) are well-known strains, with great reputation in-between growers and tokers from United States.

Chocobang feminized seeds

All Chocobang seeds produce female plants. These plants have great vigor (due its sativa heritage), what allows growers to get good-sized plants indoors in a short period of time, so you can turn plants to flowers earlier than other strains.

Outdoors these plants can become giants easily when grown in-ground, or in large pots.

The structure of plants brings a good side-branching, what allows them to be grown in SOG and SCROG type of gardens with good results.

Chocobang plants have demonstrated a very high resistance against pests and mold attack, resulting in a great choice for growing indoors and outdoors even in greenhouses.

Growing Delicious Seeds Chocobang

As we already explained, Chocobanghas a sativa heritage that makes this hybrid a 70% sativa - 30% indica genetics. This herency gives a brand new world of oportunities for growers (specially indoors) who can choose if growing seeds directly to 12/12 from germination to harvest in SOG type of gardens.

Although it is also a plant that does good in SCROG type of gardens, where growers use less plants per sqm, and plants are forced to grow horizontally to cover the hwole growing surface.

Another peculiarity of Chocobang is that it reacts good to prunings, so it is easy to prune her along vegetative stage to get more discreet plants outdoors.

Blooming Chocobang indoors and outdoors

Chocobang has a flowering period of 65-75 days. This is then a genetics that precises maybe one or two weeks more than others to be ready to harvest, but at the same time it rewards growers with a crop quality that just few comercial strains reach.

The first thing indoor growers will notice is the typical stretch during the first 2 weeks to 12/12, in which plants can double its height easily. You must check plants daily to keep an optimal distance lamp-canopy and avoid any light-burn.

Outdoors it is usually ready to harvest in late October, but as we already explained, this is a strain very resistant against pest and mold, so October rains should not be a problem for her.

Yelds of Chocobang cannabis plants

Delicious Seeds' Chocobang yields is one of the flagships of this strain. This variety gets very good results indoros and outdoors, with plants that react good to many types of growing techniques and prunings.

Indoors it takes 9-10 weeks to yield up to 500 g/m2, while outdoors its giant size lets her almost guarantee yields higher than 1kg per plant when grown in-ground.

It's also remarkable the resin production of this genetics, which has got returns up to 23% in bho extracts.

Taste and smell of Chocobang weed

If as grower you pretend to get the best taste and flavor, you should wait for the Chocobang's trichomes to ripen showing the perfect moment for harvest has arrived. If you do so, and then you proceed with a good drying and curing, you will be facing a strain with a sweet taste and powerful smell (we do recommend good odor filter systems to prevent against any smell leak)

Effect of Chocobang cannabis flowers

With THC levels up to 26%, Chocobang is giving you an idea of what you'll have in your hands. The high THC and its sativa heritage brings in an uncomparable euphoria buzz. If you are looking for genetics that carry energy and happiness this is one of the best choices you can get.

Tips to grow Chocobang

Knowing what Chocobang can give you, our best advise is: don't be on a hurry.

It is true that Chocobang's flowering takes longer than other genetics, but the quality is worth the wait. Our tip is to wait until plants are ready to harvest to get not only the best taste, also for an increased aroma full of terpenes.

If you like resin extracts, another good tipo is to wait even longer so you assure higher amount of trichomes (one extra week will be more than enough).

About tips for growing, we like to tell you that this strain does good in SOG and SCROG type of gardens, and also reacts well to many different growing techniques, so you don't have to adapt to her, she will adapt to your growing style instead.

The only tip we can tell you is to do not enlarge too much vegetative stage if you don't want Chocobang to overgrow, giving you height problems. In places where height could be a problem, we aim you to prune plants during grow stage, to enhance horizontal growth.

This strain tolerates good irrigation, but watch out specially during the first 10-15 days from germination, overwatering plants could play a bad role against them.

Characteristics of Chocobang feminized seeds

Gender: Feminized.

Genotype: 70% sativa - 30% indica.

Genetics: Apalachian Kush x Chocolope.

Flowering period: 65-75 days.

Harvest: Late October.

Yields: 500 g/m2 - 1 kg/plant.

Taste: Sweet.

Aroma: Sweet and intense.

Effect: Euphoria.

THC: 26%.

BHO return: 23%.

Chocobang final reviews and price

In advance that we are huge fans of kush genetics, and also from Chocolope, so in this case we are facing the perfect formula (in our opinion).

Maybe its only point against is its slightly longer flowering period (compared with other strains). Something that makes some growers discard her, but just between you and us:

¿What's 10 days more of bloom if then you get something unique, with a quality only reached by a few comercial strains?

Explained this, those of you who value quality over anything else will get an abondant crop of large flowers covered with resin. We consider Chocobang a great choice for both indoors and outdoors (maybe growers in areas with short summers should think about solutions to avoid plants to get wet arrived to September and October.

This strain sources heavy yields, for some reasons but the most important one because it tolerates good feedings and irrigation, and does not need special attention to grow and bloom like a champion.

Do you want to give your opinion or ask a question about Chocobang?

We value your contribution, as sharing opinions in the cannabis community is essential to enriching collective understanding.


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