CO2Boost Bucket & Pump

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Co2 Boost is a natural Co2 generator to increase yields

Its time to take your indoor gardening to the next level with Co2Boost. Just plug in our Co2Boost pump and watch as your plants health and size increase daily! If used properly, Co2Boost provides your plants with Co2 for a full 90 days.

Finally, smaller indoor growers who have never had the opportunity to utilize Co2 now have a safe, reliable, easy to set-up and cost effective product that works.

Finally, larger indoor growers can put down the ppm monitors and heavy-duty tanks and let our all-natural co2 producing ingredients take over. Simply run our hose directly to your garden and watch as your plants flourish with the benefit of our all-natural Co2.

There are two options we suggest for placement of the hose. If possible, the first and best option is to place the end of the hose directly over the plants. If your lighting set-up is on a track that moves back and forth over your plants, attach the hose to your light set-up. This allows the all-natural Co2 to drop evenly over your growing area.

The second option is to attach the end of the hose onto the back of your fan. This option will distribute our all-natural Co2 throughout your room and although we suggest the first option if possible, this will work as well.


  • Having your room sealed tightly is essential to containing Co2. Co2 can escape through the smallest of cracks, so make sure that your room is sealed as well as it can be. However, if you position your hose so the Co2 is in direct contact with your plants, you will see results regardless of how well your room is sealed.

  • Co2Boost is an all natural product that has been designed to work with your light cycle. Plants only consume Co2 when they are exposed to lights and turning off your pump during your "lights off" phase is recommended.

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