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Cocos A+B by Plagron is the perfect choice for achieving optimal results and abundant harvests in coco fiber cultivation. Take advantage of its benefits and enhance the growth and flowering of your plants with this concentrated and easy-to-use fertilizer. Get Cocos A+B by Plagron and take your cultivation to the next level!


Cocos A+B by Plagron: The perfect mineral base fertilizer for optimal Coco fiber substrate cultivation!

If you are looking for a highly concentrated liquid fertilizer to enhance the growth and flowering of your plants, Cocos A+B by Plagron is the ideal choice. This product offers balanced fertilization and is specially designed for use in all types of coco-buffered substrates. With its easy application and optimal results, Cocos A+B has become a favorite among cultivators.

What is Cocos A+B by Plagron and what is it used for?

Cocos A+B by Plagron is a two-part mineral base fertilizer designed to be used during all stages of growth and flowering of your plants. This highly concentrated fertilizer provides the necessary nutrients for healthy and vigorous crop development. Its special formula for coco fiber cultivation ensures optimal pH and adequate nutrient levels, ensuring a favorable environment for root growth.

This basic fertilizer is suitable for use in various growing media, including coco fiber, soil, hydro, and aeroponics. However, its NPK nutrient ratios have been specially adapted for coco fiber cultivation, providing the essential elements your plants need to thrive in this unique substrate.

Advantages of using Cocos A+B by Plagron

  • Specialized formula for coco cultivation: Cocos A+B has been developed with the specific needs of coco fiber cultivation in mind, providing a perfect balance of nutrients for optimal growth.
  • Provides optimal pH and nutrient levels: The unique formula of Cocos A+B guarantees appropriate pH and nutrient levels, creating a favorable environment for root development and healthy plant growth.
  • Universal application: Cocos A+B can be used in a wide variety of growing media, making it highly versatile and suitable for different cultivation methods such as soil, hydro, and aeroponics.
  • Optimal results: By using Cocos A+B by Plagron, you can expect abundant harvests and healthy plants, thanks to its concentrated and balanced formula that meets the nutritional needs of your crops.

Composition and instructions for use of Cocos A+B by Plagron

The dosing and instructions for using Cocos A+B are simple and effective. It is recommended to add a maximum of 4 ml of Cocos A per liter of water (1:250). For each dose of Cocos A, an equal amount of Cocos B should be added. It is important to use the combination of Cocos A and Cocos B in each irrigation for best results.

The composition of Cocos A and Cocos B by Plagron is detailed below:

Cocos A:

  • PK (4-0-1)
  • Calcium (Ca): 4.5%

Cocos B:

  • NPK (1-4-2)
  • MgO: 2%

Cocos A+B by Plagron is available in different sizes, including 1-liter bottles and 5 L, 10 L, and 20 L jugs. Please note that some sizes may not be available in all countries.

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