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With the ubiquity of indica-dominant genetics on the cannabis seed market, it's always good to come across something that reverses this trend, namely a predominantly sativa strain. With its many years of experience and genetic research, Kannabia is proud to present its Colombian Jack, an overpowering hybrid capable of winning all the cannabis cups.

Genetics of the Colombian Jack strain

To obtain this monster, the breeders of Kannabia took the famous Nebula from Paradise Seeds and combined it with the vigor of the imposing Black Jack which is an excellent "old school" strain and producer. Nebula will mainly bring sativa dominance as well as a tendency to produce many trichomes, like a milky way shining with a thousand lights. It therefore lends itself very well to extractions, whether dry sift, ice-o-lator or rosin. The very good work of stabilization by the team of breeders gave a plant with very uniform phenotypes, which is rather rare given the acceleration of crossings today.

Growth of Kannabia's Colombian Jack

The growth of the Colombian Jack is particularly interesting. It will initially develop in the manner of an indica, as it happens in several hybrids, with a more bushy and contained form which will stretch at the time of the change of photoperiod to become the mastodon which sleeps in it. Outdoors it explodes, some phenotypes manage to reach 3 meters in height! Be careful with your prying neighbours... Indoors, you will have to control its vertical growth because of its sativa tendencies.

Flowering of the hybrid Colombian Jack

Colombian Jack needs more time than most current genetics to complete its cycle and finish flowering. Again, the sativa gene will determine this time to flower formation, but the wait isn’t in vain and with good care you will be more than satisfied with this complex and accomplished strain. However, beware of autumn rains which could damage its compact buds by bringing mold. It will develop an infinity of trichomes that will cover its flowers with resin, to the delight of extractions lovers from which you will get a good return.

Colombian Jack seed production

At harvest time, Colombian Jack's cannabis plants will give you a substantial amount of compact, crystal-bright flowers. The slight extra hold over indica dominants will do you good. Indoors, its Black Jack heritage makes it possible to reach 500g/m2 with ease. Outdoors, and with some attention, it will be able to deliver up to 600g/plant. With such a giant in your hands you are sure to obtain overproductive specimens whose complex flavor will delight the most numerous and whose extractions will be of indisputable quality.

Colombian Jack marijuana flavor and aroma

The flavor of Colombian Jack is labyrinthine and brilliantly brings together a panel of terpenes very representative of modern cannabis strains. We have seen that the Kannabia seed bank likes to swim against the trends, without straying from them, since it works to combine the two schools in the noblest way possible. This is how we find that old school woody and spicy taste and smell, mixed with the freshness of lemon with a touch of grapes and even pomegranate. It is the perfect combination for those nostalgic for the strains of the last twenty years, with aromas of incense and sandalwood, who are looking for a hint of fruity and sweet renewal to adapt to today's demands.

Effect of Colombian Jack Kannabia's plants

Its high level of THC is a real fuel for creativity, which is added to a whole body relaxation and will allow you to relieve yourself of tension and pain to be able to have clear and optimistic ideas. With the effect of Colombian Jack's cannabis, you will reconnect with what the genetics of yesteryear brought, an overpowering but not overwhelming power that you can take advantage of for all kinds of daily projects and find the strength and motivation to take action.

Tips for Growing Colombian Jack

Colombian Jack is a plant that tends to grow upright. We advise you to apply techniques to control the height, especially if you have limited ceilings in height or if you want to remain discreet in your garden regarding the neighbors. This requires making a SCROG using a net, pinching the branches or simply trellising them with tutors. We recommend for the same reasons to use smaller pots in order to start flowering earlier and avoid overflowing growth. Outdoors, its powerful growth will prefer a planting directly in the ground with the addition of a special soil for the cultivation of cannabis. Plan to dig a big hole to accommodate its very long roots. Finally, its predominantly sativa genes delaying the harvest until the end of October exposes you to the first autumn rains and therefore to the risk of mold (or botrytis). In prevention you can apply propolis spray which will act as a fungicide, or any fungicide on the market, at best as organic product. Remain vigilant at the end of flowering, if you notice that certain parts of the flowers turn brown immediately eliminate these areas to limit infection and dry your harvest by controlling the humidity and especially the temperature, if necessary you will eventually have to split your flowers to the maximum because it is inside the big compact heads that the mold settles comfortably.

Characteristics of Colombian Jack cannabis

Gender: Feminized.

Genotype: Sativa Dominant (70% - 30%).

Genetics: Black Jack x Nebula.

Flowering: 64-71 days.

Harvest: Late October outdoors.

Indoor production: 450-500g/m2.

Outdoor production: 600g/plant.

Indoor height: Approx 150cm.

Outdoor height: 200-300cm.

Flavor: Lemon, Grape.

Aroma: Incense, sandalwood.

Effect: Brain fuel, creativity, body relaxation.

THC: 28%; CBD: 0.5%.

Conclusion on Colombian Jack Kannabia seeds

You have in front of you the strain voted best Sativa of Expogrow 2018 in Irun. If you are one of those who have been looking for a sativa in the middle of this ocean of indica dominants so far, to be able to vary the effects in your consumption, or if you want to reconnect with old school genetics but in an improved and modernized version , the Colombian Jack is made for you and won't disappoint. Get your pheno right now and be amazed by its potency in productivity, flavor and effect. This may be your new favorite strain for years to come!

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