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Cream Mandarine XL Auto is one of the latest autoflowering marijuana strain. This new lady, from XL Auto family, guarantees better yields, and bigger sized plants than its predecessors, being ready to harvest 9 weeks after germination. Cream Mandarine XL Auto produces medium to high plants, of sweet smelling dried flowers.


Cream Mandarine XL Auto is a new, 4th generation, autoflowering marijuana strain,. This recent arrival to Sweet Seeds' catalogue produces bigger sized plants, than its old sister, and also gets better yields.

This hybrid was born from the crossing between Cream Mandarine Auto with a super elite clone from Super Tai'98.

Introducing Super Tai to this crossing, we added sativa traces to the strain, as higher height, as well as spicy, woody and dried fruits, flavours.

On the other hand, Cream Mandarine Auto adds other spects, usual in an indica plant, like better yields and resin production, together with a sweeter smell, fresher, with tones of citrus fruits like Tangie.

Cream Mandarine XL Auto technical description

Strain: SWS55

Autoflowering 100%

Yield indoors: 450-650 g/m2Yield outdoors: 50-300 g/planta

Harvest indoors/outdoors: 9 weeks after germination

Height: 110-150 cm

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