D-Lux BHO pipe 25cm

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Piea for BHO D-Lux 25cm. Made ​​of borosilicate. With this pipe you can consume your withdrawals BHO concentrates and resins. The pipe includes titanium nail.

This pipe D-Lux made of borosilicate, is the perfect tool for lovers of withdrawal on the gas (BHO or Butane Honey Oil). The pipe, a board of 19mm and a height of 25 cm, price includes titanium nail.

Thanks to their construction, the D-Lux pipe can be filled with water to cool the smoke. Filtration occurs through its dual air outlet (in the submerged in water) ensuring the best flavor for your resin extractions.

A great choice for quality, price and finishes, the D-Lux Pipa guaranteed best experiences during consumption of all users BHO.

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