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Aptus Dislike is a product to prevent problems due to flying insects, suckers, or worms. Dislike contains a blend of essential oils that keep insects away from plants. The continuous use of Dislike prevents against problems derived from mites, trips and aphids.

Aptus Dislike biological insecticide helps preventing against possible flying insects, suckers or worms in plants. The use of Dislike as preventive helps keeping pests from mites, trips and aphids away.

Aptus Dislike is 100% organic product, and not human harmful.

Advantages of using Dislike:

No more problems with pests.

100% organic, not harmful for plants.

Tips applying Aptus Dislike:

Introduce seedlings or cuttings in a mix of Dislike to end with any harmful insect 84 ml per litre of water).

Spray Dislike always when your lights are off. The use of Dislike during light period may cause burns in the leaves.

Dislike composition:

Dislike is a unique product in market, that contains a blend of essential oils with a very strong formula. All these oils have specific functions to keep insects away. The blend of these five essential oils in only one product guarantees a wide spectrum action.

Apply Dislike:

Mix 4-8 ml/liter of water.

Spray once every 7 days allthrought plants surface.

We do recommend using mask when applying Dislike.

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