Dominator 2X XL

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Lush Lighting Dominator 2x XL is the LED lamp with best results, on the market, for vegetative phase and flowering stage of marijuana. Dominator 2x XL is a 650w equipment able to go over 1000w HPS yields up to 30%, producing less heat, and allowing to grow during hottest season, without worries nor Air conditioning needing. Lush Lighting is an American company that, thanks to a full investigation and development, has gone over all LED manufacturers.


650w High Intensity LED grow light for All Stages of plant growth!

2x lens doubles lux intensity by concentrating light down on plants.

When creating light, starting with a higher intensity will provide more light further away from fixture. Also requires more distance for intensity to decrease to natural levels before reaching canopy.

Bring home the power of the sun! Full spectrum grow lighting ranging from highly energetic UV through IR. More lumens and µmoles for your plants!

Intensity increases flower size and overall penetration!

Most growers enjoy a 30% increase in yield over 1000w HPS's best results! Energy savings are not the main reason large grow operations are switching to Lush LED's.

Dominator 2xXL will out perform every other grow light on the market.

Density is solid, penetration increases, turpene and resin are extreme. Use this light to increase the value of each square foot in your garden!

technical Specificiatons Dominator 2x XL

Power: 650w.

Max coverage 5'x5'

Intense coverage 4'x4'

Dominator 2xXL

Distance     Lumens     µmoles
   12"           115,000     >2000
   18"            90,000       1,600
   24"            70,000       1,200
   30"            55,000       1,000
   36"            40,000         700
   42"            32,000         600
   48"            24,000         500
   54"            20,000         400
   60"            16,000         300

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