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Tumble Trimmers are a perfect tool to trim leaves from buds when harvest arrives. Thanks to its simplicity, and to its ease of use, Tumble Trimmer can reduce the time needed to harvest up to 80%. There are two models of Dutch Master trimmer available: Original Manual DutchMaster Trimmer and Original Electric Dutch Master Trimmer.

What is Dutchmaster Trimmer?

Manual Dutchmaster Trimmer is the original version of this trimming machine first introduced in market in 2004. Dutch-Master Trimmer machine gets a professional trimming quality, cutting all those leaves arround the buds, without braking any nug, and almost non resin loose.

Dutch Master Trimmer is easy to transport and use, being able to process huge quantities of material in short period of time, so it is ideal for medium to large homegrowers.

¿How does Dutchmaster trimming machine work?

The working system of Dutchmaster Tirmmer Manual is based in a handling that creates a double circular movement: In one level, buds are forced to move in one direction, while under its lid, the blades are moved in the other way, so all leaves will be cut in few seconds. One of the main advantages of Manual Dutchmaster trimmer is that it does not need electricity to work, is very silent and easy to transport, so it can be used almost everywhere, anytime.

Dutchmaster Trimmer Electric works the same way, but using an engine to create all the movement, so yo'll have your hands free to do whatever while the machine trims all the leaves. In this model, the speed can be adjusted from 30 RPM up to 60 RPM.

*Dutchmaster Manual Trimmer can be transformed into Electric just acquiring the engine power supply accessory

Dutchmaster Trimmer Manual characteristics

Diameter: 40 cm.

Height: 43 cm.

Detachable: Yes.

Dutchmaster Trimmer Electric characteristics

Diameter: 48 or 60 cm.

Height: 43 cm.

Detachable: Yes.

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