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Maximize your performance with Explode, the powerful booster from Dutchpro. With its unique formula of vitamins and nutrients, it enhances nutrient transport, increases sugar production, and creates denser and tastier buds. Guarantee an explosive and top-quality harvest.


Explode - Booster for Maximum Performance

Explode by Dutchpro is the standout booster in our nutrient line that takes your cultivation to the next level. Its exclusive formula is designed to optimize nutrient transport and enhance sugar production during the flowering phase, generating visible and impressive results. Formulated with food-grade raw materials and free from heavy metals, Explode meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

Key Benefits of Explode

  • Increases sugar production in plants
  • Improves nutrient transport and water movement in cells
  • Creates dense, sweet, and heavy buds
  • Provides resistance against fungal and bacterial diseases

Composition and Usage

Explode contains a precise combination of essential vitamins and macronutrients, eliminating the need to add additional PK 13/14, which can be harmful to plants. The usage of Explode starts in week 3 of the flowering phase with the following doses:

  • Week 3 and 4: 1.9 ml
  • Week 5 and 6: 3.8 ml
  • Week 7 and 8: 5.7 ml

Explode regulates CO2 absorption through the stomata, increases sugar production, and enhances nutrient transport and water movement in cells, resulting in dense, sweet, and heavy buds. With no phytohormones included, Explode stands out as the most comprehensive and safe booster for your cultivation.

With Explode, you ensure higher sugar production, translating into bigger and denser buds with an abundance of trichomes. These trichomes not only improve yield but also enhance the quality of the plants. With heavier and denser buds, cultivators can harvest with confidence and obtain a superior-quality product.

In addition to maximizing performance, Explode provides all the necessary nutrients to strengthen plants and increase their resistance against fungal and bacterial diseases. It stimulates chlorophyll production in the leaves, improving the photosynthetic process and generating more glucose (sugar). This ensures that buds and fruits develop explosively in terms of weight and flavor.

Prepare your cultivation for a strong and healthy harvest with Explode, the Dutchpro booster that takes your performance to the maximum level.

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