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Plagron Fish Force is a powerful liquid stimulator fertilizer based on organic fish extract. Its balanced formulation, rich in essential nutrients, promotes vigorous growth and abundant flowering in your plants. Easy to use and with proven results, Fish Force is the ideal choice for high quality crops.


Why you should buy Plagron Fish Force

  • Complete nutrition: Plagron Fish Force provides your plants with complete and balanced nutrition, thanks to its formulation based on organic fish extract and other natural ingredients. This ensures that your plants receive all the essential nutrients for healthy growth and abundant flowering.
  • Vigorous growth: By using Fish Force, you will promote vigorous growth in your plants. Its beneficial nutrients strengthen the root system, develop strong branches and robust trunks, resulting in stronger and healthier plants.
  • Abundant flowering: This fertilizer is not only ideal for the growth phase, but also prepares your plants for exuberant flowering. Fish Force stimulates the early start of flowering and favors the development of large and dense buds, capable of supporting its own weight.
  • Natural Ingredients: Fish Force is formulated with high-quality, natural ingredients such as fish extract, seaweed, and sugar beet stillage. These components provide a full range of trace elements and minerals essential for optimal plant development.

Plagron Fish Force for Strong and Healthy Growth

A natural fish-based fertilizer for vigorous growth

Plagron Fish Force is a natural fish-based stimulator fertilizer that will provide your plants with healthy and strong growth. With a high concentration of nitrogen from natural sources, this product is ideal for the growth phase of your soil-grown plants. However, it is recommended to avoid its use in indoor crops due to the strong odors that it can generate in the substrate at high temperatures.

Beneficial properties for exceptional growth

Fish Force gives your plants the necessary strength, as well as the minerals and macro-elements they need for optimal growth. By using this stimulating fertilizer, you will notice a robust development of the branches and trunks, which translates into healthier plants. In addition, when the flowering phase arrives, Fish Force encourages the early start of this process and promotes the growth of thick and large buds, capable of supporting their own weight. Remember that when using natural fertilizers, your plants respond more positively, but it is important not to exceed the recommended doses.

Dose and Instructions for Use

Simple application for optimum growth

For best results, add 10ml of Fish Force per liter of irrigation water or by foliar application. Use it once a week on your plants in the growth phase. This dosage will ensure that your plants receive the necessary nutrients for healthy and balanced growth.

Plagron Fish Force fertilizer formulation

A balanced combination of essential nutrients

Plagron Fish Force has a 3-5-2 NPK formulation, which means it contains 3% organic nitrogen, 4.9% phosphorus pentoxide and 1.5% potassium oxide. In addition, it is enriched with animal proteins of fish origin and seaweed extracts. This combination of nutrients provides your plants with the necessary elements for healthy growth and vigorous development. Don't wait any longer and discover how Plagron Fish Force can boost the growth of your plants, offering them the essential nutrients they need at each stage of their development. Consult Plagron's detailed cultivation program and find the best fertilizers for your plants, at the exact moment you need them.

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