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La Flo OG de Rare Dankness es una variedad de semillas regulares nacida del cruce entre FLO y un macho seleccionado de Rare Dankness #1. La marihuana FLO OG logró el segundo premio en Spannabis, dando muestras de su poder, sabor y aroma, además de por su efecto energético que la convierte en un placer para fumar durante todo el día. La cannabis FLO OG además tiene beneficios medicinales para multitud de dolencias, lo que la convierte en una excelente opción.

Flo OG by Rare Dankness is a regular seeds strain born from a crossing between FLO and a selected maleplant of Rare Dankness #1.

Scott, breeder and owner of Rare Dankness, overstands for beiing a professional developing breeding projects that end up in a top quality strains. In-between his works we can find this FLO OG, a hybrid strain, indic dominant, with heavy yields and quick flowering time.

With a genetic heritage of FLO, and the kush-side brought by Rare Dankness #1, FLO-OG seeds are a deli for all those toker who love strain with a special tone, fruity and spicy, with kush undertones. When inhaling the smoke it leaves a fruity taste, showing out its potential when exhaling.

The effect of FLO OG flowers is pleasant, ideal to be consumed all-day long, keeping a happiness feeling with a clear head buzz.

In the garden FLO-OG seeds develope stocky, with dense bud structure, what makes them a great strain to get heavy yields almost every crop (indoors and outdoors). Outdoors, due to its bud density, grower show control biggest flowers in order to avoid mold appearance. Its sativa side appears in its flowering time (60 to 70 days depending on each phenotype), non being a problem for those lovers of great stash.

Medical users with depression, anxiety or migranes will find in Flo OG cannabis a great remedy for their dolences.

Rare Dankness Flo OG

Sex: Regular.

Genotype: 70% indica - 30% sativa.

Genetics: FLO x Rare Dankness #1.

Flowering period: 60-70 days.

Harvest: Mid. October.

Yield: High.

Structure: Stocky.

Taste: Hash, fruity, with menthol and kush tones..

Aroma: Fruity.

Medicinal: Depression, anxiety, migraines.

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